So you are looking for some gear, but want the best deal possible. You've come to the right place. Clearance inline skates, skates on sale, closeout skates, discounted inline skate wheels and various other items can be found right here.

The newest model doesn't always mean it is best. Here you can find HUGE savings on discounted rollerblades. All items are brand new excluding those found in Liquidation (see description with item for liquidation skates.

Traditional Tapered Contoured Traditional Tapered Contoured

CLEARANCE SALE Inline Skates for Men

CLEARANCE SALE Inline Skate Wheels

  • The Matter Nuke Indoor Inline Speed Skate Wheels are the little brother to the Matter Lethal X wheels. Just like the Lethal X, these too are banded indoor wheels, using the same high quality outer urethane. At this price point under $100, more folks can enjoy the benefit and feel of a bandeded wheel, without  breaking the bank. Deigned for indoor racing up to Pro level, and great for all skating indoor track.

    Colors: 2
  • MPC's Road War inline skate wheels are proven winners. Made with a resilient inner band that provides rebound for a great roll on smooth or rough asphalt. The inner band allows flex on corners for a secure footprint and grip. Having a high durometer outer urethane, the straight line footprint is reduced to descrease resistance. This makes for an all-around great speed wheel with great durability.

    • Firm 85A
    • XFirm 87A
    Colors: 2
  • MPC Storm Surge Turbo Inline Skate wheels are said to be the best in cold, rainy or wet conditions, and the improved Turbo model has a larger footprint, which increases grip without changing the hardness. Many use them on dry surfaces as well, since they are as fast or faster than the other MPC wheels due to the better quality urethane used. Some also mix in storm surge with other wheels for added traction on those damp days. The bottom line…. if you don't have a set of MPC Storm Surge wheels in your bag, and it rains on race day, you're finished.

    • 100mm
    • 105mm
    • 110mm
  • Amazing Dual Durometer Race Wheels from MPC. These are outdoor wheels that come in FIRM & XFIRM. Wheel is very fast. Designed for outdoor race skating. Hard on the outside and soft in the middle.

    Colors: 3

CLEARANCE SALE Protective Gear

  • The K2 Mach Inline Skating Wrist Guards are designed for high performance skaters looking for comfort and quality. A long elastic strap will ensure a snug fit and the CoolMax lining will provide moisture wicking to keep you cool even when the temperature rises.

  • EzeeFit's are form fitting pull-on anti-blister booties. Designed to fit snugly under a thin sock or alone on top of your bare feet. Great for any sport that is taxing on the feet or even to break-in in dress shoes. For us skaters, the 2MM EZeeFit Booties work great to fill in small gaps left in a skate that is fitting too wide. If too tight, they also provide cushion to help eliminate pressure points or problems you are feeling inside your skates. EzeeFit Ankle Booties allow your foot to grip better, yet protect from rubbing and blistering. Great for any sport where athletes experience friction.


CLEARANCE SALE Clothing Shoes and Sunglasses

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