So you are looking for some gear, but want the best deal possible. You've come to the right place. Clearance inline skates, skates on sale, closeout skates, discounted inline skate wheels and various other items can be found right here.

The newest model doesn't always mean it is best. Here you can find HUGE savings on discounted rollerblades. All items are brand new excluding those found in Liquidation (see description with item for liquidation skates.

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Inline Skate Wheels On SALE

    • Sizes: 100mm or 110mm
    • Type: Speed (Road)
    • Hardness: 86A

    Both the 100mm and 110mm Matrix Plus have an inner band that works with the hub core to provide superior performance and rebound. Uses Atom's Boom core technology, but with a more affordable uretehan mix than that of the Atom Boom wheels. The price enables more of us to enjoy the performance and feel of a banded wheel.

    • Sizes: 90, 100 or 110mm
    • Type: Speed (Road) ; Cross-Training
    • Hardnesse: 85A


    The BONT Highroller Inline Skate Wheels have great rebound and long wear. The Highroller has won a ton of World Cup races. What you get, is a one-piece hub with tight bearing seats and tight quality control to perform well on most any outdoor surface. 

    • Sizes: 100mm or 110mm
    • Type: Speed (Road)
    • Hardnesses: 85A (XFIRM), 87A (XXFIRM)

    The first collaborative inline racing wheel from Bont and MPC, the Bont Red Magic Inline Speed Skating Wheels combine the best benefits and features from both manufacturers to produce a wheel that performs unlike any wheel before it. An outstanding road inline racing wheel, that is firm enough that many enjoy its use on the track as well.

    • Sizes: 84mm
    • Type: Recreational
    • Hardnesses: 82A


    The Explore Escalade inline Skate Wheels offer a smooth and fast roll, making it a perfect choice for recreational skaters and outdoor road conditions.

    Colors: 1
    • Size: 76mm, 80mm, 84mm, 90mm or 125mm
    • Type: Recreational / Urban / Cross-Training
    • Hardness: 82A

    Powerslide Fothon White Wheels brighten your skate with by having LED lights, light up as you roll. These wheels light up in white and are great for recreational, urban and even cross-training skates. Using as nightwheels or in dim conditions will give you more visibility and added safety! Poured with Super HR polyurethane to ensure a fast, smooth roll that is durable and long lasting. 

    • Sizes: 72mm
    • Type: Recreational
    • Hardness: 80A

    Rollerblade replacement wheels at 72mm 80A in a convenient 8-pack. On the small side, this size is regularly found on junor rollerblades and older adult skates. 80A hardness provides great grip and control, allowing this wheel to work well both indoors at the rink or outdoors absorbing some of the bumps.

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