Powerslide Skates are prominent in Europe and gaining popularity in the USA. They provide quality in all genres of skating (recreation, race, urban, cross-training, etc...). Powerslide is also credited for the three-wheel (tri-skate) revolution that allows for faster, easier blading.

Powerslide uses different lasts across models, so there are many different size charts. Measure your foot, then reference the chart listed in the description for each model. You will NOT wear the same size for every Powerslide skate. Sizes shown in EU.
Traditional Tapered Contoured Traditional Tapered Contoured

Powerslide Recreational Inline Skates for Men

Powerslide Cross-Training Inline Skates

Powerslide started a Tri-Skate revolution. They allow for short frames and large wheels that maintain roll better, are more agile and easier to skate! Whether it for fitness or fun, cross-trainers have built in performance features to roll through your workout.

Unless it labeled 'Men's' or 'Women's', it is Unisex. This means it is sized in men's sizing, but designed for either gender.
    • Wheels: 3x125mm
    • Type: Cross-Training ; Speed
    • Level: Advanced and Expert


    The Powerslide Grand Prix Skates are born from race technology that has seen countless national and world titles won with the now revolutionary 3x125 wheel setup. A great option to get in on the fun without having to go into a low cut speed boot. The Grand Prix instead offers a higher profile heat moldable boot for support and stability.

    Sizes Available:

Powerslide Urban Inline Skates

Powerslide Urban inline skates (or freeskates), are a hybrid of cross-training and aggressive skates. Strong, sturdy components such as molded plastic boots and rigid frames are common to improve agility in urban scenarios. Cross-trainers often use for their versatility in skating both short or long distances .

Unless it labeled 'Men's' or 'Women's', it is Unisex. This means it is sized in men's sizing, but designed for either gender.
    • Wheels: 4x80mm
    • Type: Urban
    • Level: Intermediate and Better 

    Powerslide Imperial One80 Fluor Inline Skates are great for every day urban skating, with versatility to perform as a freestyle skate as well. Comes stock with MyFit Dual Fit Liners that combine two sizes into one skate.

    • Wheels: 3x110mm
    • Type: Urban ; Cross-Training
    • Level: Intermediate and Better


    A limited edition color Supercruiser from Powerslide that is being offered in a very limited quantity. The Supercruisers are part of Powerslide's urban skate lineup, with slide guards and short 9.67" Pleasure Tool 3x110 frames that are strong and maneuverable. Three large wheels make them easy to skate and as fast as you want. Great for urban or cross-training skating activities.

Powerslide Slalom and Freestyle Inline Skates

Powerslide Slalom and Freestyle inline skates are technically advanced to allow for maneuvering cones or even dance. Designed to fit tight, many use moldable liners that create a customized form fit to maximize energy transfer.

Unless it labeled 'Men's' or 'Women's', it is Unisex. This means it is sized in men's sizing, but designed for either gender.

    • Wheels: Depends on Size
    • Type: Freestyle / Urban
    • Level: Advanced and Expert

    Constructed with a 100% carbon shell, paired with Powerslides' patented Trinity 3-point rockered frames.  The summit of freestyle inline skates are the Powerslide Tau Carbon Skates.

    • Wheels: 4x80mm
    • Type: Freestyle ; Urban
    • Level: Intermediate and Better

    Powerslide Kaze Freestyle Skates feature the 3-point Trinity mount. This new technology gives the Kaze an incredibly low center of gravity. Two mounts under the ball of the feet make the skates respond like no skates before them, for a truly unparalleled skating experience.

Powerslide Nordic All-Terrain Skates

Powerslide Norid Off-Road or All-Terrain skates allow you to go where you thought you couldn't. Amazingly fun Nordic skate have bumps, cracks, pebbles and even twigs easily defeated.

Unless it labeled 'Men's' or 'Women's', it is Unisex. This means it is sized in men's sizing, but designed for either gender.

    • Wheels: 2x160mm Air Tires
    • Type: All-Terrain
    • Level: Intermediate and Better


    The Powerslide Nordic XC Skeleton 2 All Terrain Skates are much lighter than its predecessor. They've added velcro straps and exchanged hard plastic elements to give it maximum flexibility, yet good stability. Fun for all and easy to fit with an adjustable boot that works with your shoes. NEW cuff mounted brake system is better then ever!

  • High quality carbon composite poles with tungsten tips. Adjustable from 130-170mm so one size will fit most and they slide down to help make easy to transport. A nice addition for anyone skating all terrain Nordic skates.

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