Rollerblade brought inline skating to the world in 1980 and continues to perfect their singular focus: authentic products for a true experience.

All inline skates are fitness skates that bring fun and good health. IW differentiates fitness skates by their intended use, whether it be for Recreational, Urban, Cross-Training, or Speed skating.

Traditional Tapered Contoured Traditional Tapered Contoured

Rollerblade Recreation Inline Skates for Women

Rollerblades Recreational Inline Skates target entry-level or casual women skaters. Wheel sizes stay at 80mm to keep speed under control. Stability , comfort and confidence are the main objectives. Performance features are limited and price points are low. Look at 84mm skates in the cross-training category should you seek a little more speed or performance.

Rollerblade Cross-Training Inline Skates for Women

Rollerblades Cross-Training Inline Skates range from 84mm to 125mm in wheel size. Recreational skaters can still enjoy those at 84mm, but with additional performance features built in, women planning to skate longer and harder will benefit most from the Rollerblades found in this category.
    • Wheels: 4x84mm
    • Type: Urban ; Cross-Training
    • Level: All Levels


    Maxxum 84 Inline Skates connect you to the streets with intuitive control, power and balance for a truly wonderful skating experience. Unlike others in the Maxxum lineup, it uses Rollerblade Supreme wheels which have a slightly larger footprint than the Hydrogens. This makes them well suited for urban type skating as well as for fitness.

    • Wheels: 4x90mm
    • Type: Cross-Training
    • Level: Intermediate and Better

    The Macroblade 90 Skates are great for any skater that wants to experience the thrill and benefits of inline skating. A great option for fitness minded women using inline skating to cross-train. Feature liners and uppers that will conform to your specific contours. 

Rollerblade Urban and Freestyle Inline Skates for Women

Rollerblade Urban and Freestyle inline skates are versatile in that they are designed for quickness, control and maneuverability. Performance features promote response and energy transfer. The Twister 80 is women's specific, while others are Unisex and sized in men's sizing. Refer to sizing instructions included with each model.
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