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The Mission Inhaler Hockey Helmet is perfect for the player looking for supreme ventilation and airflow in a helmet without sacrificing protection. This Inhaler helmet meets all ice hockey certification requirements for protection and still provides unmatched breathability. With the abundant use of air vents and fully-ventilated dual-density liner, this bucket will be sure to keep you protected and cool no matter what the rink's conditions are.

The Inhaler is loosely based on the Bauer 5100 helmet's design, utilizing a similar dual-density VN foam and Vex insert liner. The big difference is the thorough perforation seen throughout the VN foam, allowing for maximum breathability especially since the front and rear of the Inhaler feature an abundant usage of large air vent holes for cool air to travel through. The other aspect of the helmet Mission engineered with the roller hockey player in mind is the removable and replaceable SweatHog 2 Sweatband. It securely pops into the front part of the liner to help prevent the always dreaded and painful sweat drip into the eyes. This sweatband is not necessary to use in case one does not like using it or if it's still in the laundry basket needing to be washed. 

  • Heritage: New
  • Level of Play Guideline: Elite
  • Head Shape Guideline: Round
  • Mission Sizing Guidelines:
    • Helmet Size / Hat Size / Head Circumference
      SM / 6 5/8 - 7 1/8 / 20.8" - 22.4" (53 - 57 cm)
      MD / 7 - 7 1/2 / 22" - 23.6" (56 - 60 cm)
      LG / 7 1/4 - 7 3/4 / 22.8" - 24.4" (58 - 62 cm)

  *The Mission Inhaler helmet sizing guidelines are different from other Bauer/Mission helmet guidelines

  • Protection:
    • Dual-Density Foam Liner
      • Consisting of VN foams with VEX Inserts, the Inhaler has top notch protection and ventilation
    • Ergo translucent ear covers
  • Fit:
    • Bio-Mechanical Two-Piece Shell:
      • The Dual-density HDPE shell combines both protective and flexible material for a personalized fit
      • Allows the helmet to adjust for a safe and comfortable fit
    • Single Tool-Free Adjustment Feature
      • Single flap flips up allowing the player to expand or contract the helmet size without tools in seconds
  • Comfort:
    • Comfort Catch System utilizes additional soft foams in the rear of the helmet for superb comfortability
    • Vented Channeling System
      • Seen throughout the helmet, Mission made sure to provide maximum airflow with plenty of large air vents
      • Perforated foams throughout the helmet work together with the Ventilation Ports for provide excellent breathability
      • Allows for air to travel through the helmet cooling the temperature inside the helmet
    • Removable SweatHog 2 Sweatband
      • Replaceable, removable and washable sweatband securely pops into the liner to help keep sweat out of your eyes
      • The helmet can be used without the sweat band
  • CSA, HECC, CE Certified
  • Compatible with most face cages and shields/visors
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Comments: I bought this helmet for goalie in ice hockey (beer leagues), and am using it with Warwick HM-50 style mask. I've taken many shots to the helmet, and I find my head much less rattled than your standard NME-type 'modern' style helmet. Great protection, and so much better ventilated than standard goalie masks. This may not have been the initial intention of this helmet, but it works amazingly well. Only critique is that I wish the helmet had been shipped with even a single spare Sweathog band - they work great, but wear out quickly.
From: Steve, Canada

Comments: My son has a larger head. Most other helmets didn't feel right to him. This one he loves. The padding is very comfortable and the sweat band is an added plus. Also, with the black helmet, the white ear slings and chin strap look more professional than the other helmets with all black accessories. Minor detail, but it's something else my son liked.
From: Matt, Westville, NJ

Comments: I had really high hopes for this helmet and decided it was what I was getting. Once I did it fit well right out of the box. Unfortunately it didn't fit so well when I went to play my first game in it. I had problems with it moving around and had to switch helmets before my game even started. Due to the fact it has been worn I was unable to return the
helmet. Now I'm stuck with a bucket I paid $100 and can't return or use. Not very pleased with this product.
From: Cody, Lansing, MI

Comments: I used this helmet for the last regular roller game of spring 2014 and then two championship roller hockey games.

Mission has made the sweat band back in 2000 as I remember I used the same thing before. However, combined with the helmet, this is the best helmet I have ever wanted and I have ever looked for. I have wider head circumference so many top line helmets do not really fit me very well. (I used Reebok 11K Large size and Warrior Krown 360 XL size and they both are not perfect to me.) When I put on this Mission helmet, all I felt was "Excellent fitting and perfect overall design to me." The air flow, the sweat band, the softer lining.

The only down side I can think about is the adjustment is a little bit not easy as I thought. After flipped up the adjustment lock plate, it was a little bit hard to just pull the helmet to change the size. I had to push around from the inside to get the helmet bigger.

To all roller hockey players, this is the right helmet you should use for your game, if you want to keep your face dry and clean without been bothered by the sweat.
From: Everest, Ashburn, VA

Comments: Love the air flow, only play ice hockey and was looking for a helmet that promoted this feature. As soon as I hit the ice I could feel the air flow through and at
$129.99 you can't beat the price. Most helmets like this are $200. The padding was comfortable, the one snap fit was easy to use and the sweat band did it's job. The Inhaler has officially replaced my Reebok 11K.
From: Jeff, Yorba Linda, CA

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