Mylec Hockey Balls
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Mylec Hockey Balls

The Mylec hockey ball is the standard for ball hockey play. The Mylec hockey ball has been tested and redefined over the years to become the most durable, playable hockey ball in the game today.

As this is the original "no bounce"* hockey ball, check out the Mylec G-Force balls which are liquid filled to even further minimize the bounce.

Ideal for outdoor or indoor play. Available in 4 different hardnesses to suit the playing environment.

If ordering in volume, to expedite your order, please order in multiples of 100 (case size is 100).

*Obviously the ball will bounce, but the properties of the Mylec ball minimize the bouncing effect. Check out the liquid filled Mylec G-Force ball for even less bouncing.

  • The original "no bounce"* hockey ball
  • Tough, durable, long lasting material
  • Colors represent the hardness of ball:
    • Orange:
      • Warm weather ball
      • Ideal play in 60 degrees or warmer weather
      • Fluorescent orange for high visibility
      • Most popular choice
    • Red:
      • Hot weather ball
      • Ideal play in 75 degerees or warmer weather
      • Keeps the play fast on those hot days
    • Pink:
      • Cool weather ball
      • Ideal for play in 30-60 degrees weather
    • Yellow:
      • Cold weather ball
      • Ideal for play in 30 degrees and below
  • Ideal for outdoor or indoor play.
  • Weight 2.0 oz.

*Obviously the ball will bounce, but the properties of the Mylec ball minimize the bouncing effect. Check out the liquid filled Mylec ball for even less bouncing.

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Comments: I use the orange balls with my PE classes in California.  The same ball I remember from my childhood.  Durable, handles well, and doesn't stick to the blade like the soft balls that came with the school's hockey equipment.
From: Mike, Arroyo Grande, CA

Comments: Best brand for street balls, only advice is use the correct color for the right weather, the balls will last a lot longer, most floor leagues stick with red, the most solid of all the colors, for the highest temps but the ball sticks to the blade way less.
From: Tristaan, CA

Comments: These are the balls we use in our indoor ball hockey league. As a goalie, I'm not a fan because of the amounts of spin these get causing the balls to hook, rise, and dive (but don't all balls?). There is no visible logo either which would help you see which way the ball is spinning. They bounce a little (about 3 times from a shoulder-height drop) but are pretty good. I think these are without a doubt the best balls for recreational ball hockey, but I would at least like to see a black stamped logo on the ball for these to be perfect. The G-Force balls are better, but since they are heavier and we do not mandate helmet usage, we opt not to use them. The Franklin balls are the least preferred and are larger too.
From: Kevin, Gathersburg, MD

Comments: I've been using two of the red ones for practice on me. The site does not say which ball is for what though, but the red ones are pretty strong, have little bounce, and will take a beating.
From: Morgan, Greenville, PA

Comments: These are the best hockey balls out there. They're great forstickhandling, shooting, and visibility. Also, the different hardnesses really help, so if you're going to get these, just get all four atonce. We used to use a tennis ball for street hockey, but then we got these, and they don't bounce! Ice Warehouse definitely has the best
price on them too. Everywhere else is much more expensive. I am very happy with this purchase and I highly recommend these to anyone who plays street hockey.
From: Matt, Saylorsburg, PA

Comments: Can never go wrong with these for outdoor hockey. Liquid Filled are to heavy sometimes.
From: Peter, NJ

Comments: I'm in Memphis, TN and play on smooth concrete. The red is definitely the color we use the majority of the time as it does not get 'sticky' and squish (is that a word?) up under your stick in warm/hot weather. We also use the orange when it gets colder outside as the red will get too hard and bounce, and leave a really nice welt if you block a slapshot without padding. As for the other colors, we have tried them but it really doesn't get cold enough here (30 degrees is about the lowest) to use a different color. As others have said, you really can't go wrong with the Mylec hockey balls. Inline Warehouse is AWESOME, great customer support and is the way to go every time, without a doubt!
 Jason, Memphis, TN

Comments:  best street balls at the best price...nothing else to say but buy'em
From: Jack, NJ

Comments: These hockey balls are great! I have been using mylec products since I was in middle school. They are the best ball on the market, and for the price how could you not buy them, mylec is the only way to go.
From: Alex, NH

Comments: Same brand we use for dek or street hockey and they're consistently excellent, all of the balls react in the same predictable way which makes them great for learning and practicing stick handling.
From: William

Comments: Mylec by far offers the best variety on the market in hockey balls. Don't get fooled by purchasing these balls retail, Inline Warehouse has the best price around by far - I live in Canada (not too far outside of Toronto), and order in bulk from Inline Warehouse. For League play I use: the Red Mylec Balls in summer which stand up to the hot and humid weather; the Orange Mylec Balls for Spring and Fall Leagues, and; the Pink Mylec Balls for Winter Play. When you use the correct Mylec Hockey Ball, you get the best 'play' available from any comparable hockey ball on the market. Having played organized Ball Hockey for over 15 years, I am personally not 'sold' on the liquid filled Hockey Balls on the market and find the origingal Mylec hockey ball to be superior, both in pick up and League play.
From: Stu

Comments: These are probably your best bet for an outdoor hockey ball. they're sturdy and durable; I don't have much trouble with them bouncing either. Do yourself the favor and just buy all three at once; the weather really does change how the ball works. Living in Buffalo, which one I use depends day-by-day. They're an excellent buy for the money.
From: Scott

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