Roces offers skates in both men's and women's sizing or colors. Any skate that is indicated as a Women's skate will be sized based on women's US shoe sizes. Men's skates will be based on Men's US shoe sizes and if the skate is not indicated as Men's or Women's, it is a unisex size and will follow the standard Men's sizing guidelines.
Traditional Tapered Contoured Traditional Tapered Contoured

Roces Recreational Inline Skates

Roces Urban Inline Skates for Women

    • Wheels: 4x90mm
    • Type: Urban ; Recreational
    • Level: Intermediate and Better


    At the top end of the Roces urban skate lineup are the Roces Vidi Inline Skates for Women that offer large wheel speed with a molded shell for the perfect blend of response and comfort.

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