Roces offers skates in both men's and women's sizing or colors. Any skate that is indicated as a Women's skate will be sized based on women's US shoe sizes. Men's skates will be based on Men's US shoe sizes and if the skate is not indicated as Men's or Women's, it is a unisex size and will follow the standard Men's sizing guidelines.
Traditional Tapered Contoured Traditional Tapered Contoured

Roces Recreational Inline Skates - All Levels

  • Designed for recreational use, the Roces Izi Inline Skates for Men are a great choice for a first time skater or anyone wanting a comfortable, low cost skate. The Roces Izi offers any rollerblader further option to grow as they come stock with 80mm wheels, but allow for an upgrade to 84mm. 

  • The Roces Veni Urban Inline Skates serve as an excellent entry level skate for recreational inline skating activities. The cuff and boot blend together in a asymmetrical shell that follows the natural curves and contours of a skaters feet and legs. This provides a reactive skate that can be enjoyed by all skill levels.

Roces Urban Inline Skates - All Levels

  • At the top end of the Roces urban skate lineup are the Roces Vidi Inline Skates for Men that offer large wheel speed with a molded shell for the perfect blend of response and comfort.

  • The Roces X35 inline skate has a heavily venitlated molded plastic shell housing a comfortably padded liner that provides a firm wrap (especially around the heel). These features, combined with an outside skid plate and 4x80mm 243mm frames, make for a well outfitted urban inline skate from Roces.

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