Protective Gear Combo Packs for Adults

  • The K2 Moto Dual Pack protective gear for inline skating includes wrist guards and knee protection to protect and support while inline skating. Equipped with abrasion resistant polyester, PE protective caps & adjustable velcro straps. Suitable for both men and women.

  • The K2 Alexis Tri-Pack protective wear is designed for women. They provide for solid protection and good support while skating. Includes knee, wrist and elbow pads. Has adjustable velcro straps, optional elastic sleeve, reflective panels and a moisture control lining. 

  • The Moto Protective Pads are made with a breathable mesh and moisture management lining. Lightweight velcro straps make these pads easy to adjust and stay in place on your inline adventures! Updated style and larger padding offers more coverage than the 2010 version!

  • The K2 X-Training Premium Protective Gear Men's 3pk is a high quality pad pack designed to offer maximum protection without adding too much bulk to the pads.

  • The K2 X-Training Premium Protective Gear Women's 3pk is a high quality pad pack designed to offer maximum protection without adding too much bulk to the pads. Features abrasion resistant mesh and foam construction as well as elastic sleeves with adjustable webbing to ensure comfort and support. Reflective tabs on knee, elbow and wrist pads help increase skater visibility and the ergonomic cap design encourages mobility. CoolMax® lining helps reduce moisture buildup and maintains comfort during long skate sessions.

  • The Rollerblade Bladegear XT Protective Gear Tri-Pack (3 pack) is a convenient three pack of protective gear suitable for most inline activities and skaters. Level 1 Rated protection provides suitable protection without the design of a bulky pads, allowing maximum range of motion and comfort. Anatomically shaped wrist, knee and elbow pads are constructed with breathable mesh materials to increase comfort while delivering optimal protection.

  • The Seba Standard Inline Skating Protective Gear 3pk is great for normal roller sports and is considered Level 1 rated protection. Made with a nylon mesh to help air flow and EVA foam for protection, this protection set also feature CoolMax liners to reduce moisture buildup during those long sessions.

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