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Wheel Size
Most skates require a certain size wheel. There are several ways to determine what size wheel fits your skate: check what's printed on the wheel or on your frame, check your owner's manual or refer to your skate's online product description, measure the overall height in millimeters.
Wheel Durometer:
Wheel Durometer
The ideal hardness will depend on the surface you are skating on, as well as the skater's weight, ability, and preference. Softer wheels will provide better grip and a smoother roll, but will wear faster.  Harder wheels provide more speed and durability, but may also cause vibrations on rougher surfaces. See our Learning Center for more in depth information on wheels.
With or Without Bearings:

K2 Inline Skate Wheels with Bearings

K2 offers good quality wheels at an affordable price. They are compatible with any brand skate and feature spoked, flexing hubs to reduce vibrations on rough surfaces, which improves comfort while skating.

Sizes, hardness, and further information provided in the product description.

K2 Inline Skate Wheels without Bearings

Rollerblade Wheels with Bearings

    • Sizes: 72mm
    • Type: Recreational
    • Hardness: 80A

    Rollerblading on 72mm wheels? No worries as Rollerblade didn't forget about you. They made this convenient replacement pack all setup and pre-assembled with Rollerblade SG5 bearings.  At 80A hardness, they are great for grip and control as well as absorbing some bumps along the way.


    • Sizes: 76mm
    • Type: Recreational
    • Hardness: 80A

    Another great replacement set of inline skate wheels from Rollerblade, these 76mm 80A wheels are pre-assembled with Rollerblade SG5 bearings. At 80A hardness, they help maintain control while skating with increased grip.

    • Sizes: 80mm
    • Type: Recreational
    • Hardness: 82A

    Rollerblade makes it easy once again with this pre-assembled replacement setup at 80mm 82A. Perfect for outdoor inline skating with just enough grip. Assembled with Rollerblades SG7 bearings to be able to throw right on your skates and head to the trail.

    Colors: 1
    • Sizes: 84mm
    • Type: Recreational
    • Hardness: 84A

    Replacement inline skate wheels at 84mm in a convenient 8pk assembled with SG7 inline skate bearings and spacers.  These are pre-assemble and ready to throw on  your skates. Great value and great wheels for outdoor skating at 84A harness.

  • Rollerblade wheels are easy to replace when they come in an 8pk already assembled with bearings and spacers. This setup is 90mm 84A making them durable and firm for outdoor inline skating. SG9 bearings are good quality sealed bearings. Wheels come ready to throw on and roll. 

Rollerblade Inline Skate Wheels without Bearings

  • The Rollerblade Hydrogen Inline Skate Wheels are designed to be the fastest and highest performing wheels possible. The urethane has more grip, longevity and vibration reduction, while the core is strategically designed to add flex for more power and energy in every stride.

  • Rollerblade wheels are easy to replace at a reasonable price with this quality 8-pack of 90mm 84A inline skate wheels. These fitness inline skate wheels are 90mm with 84A hardness. Designed to be durable, they are a value set for outdoor inline skating.

    • 8pk 
    • Bearings Sold Separately
  • The Rollerblade Hydrogen Inline Skate Wheels are designed to be the fastest and highest performing wheels possible. Poured in the USA and built without compromise, the Hydrogen wheels deliver unmatched performance, power, and response. The urethane has more grip, longevity and vibration reduction, while the core is strategically designed to add flex for more power and energy in every stride.

  • The Rollerblade Hydrogen Inline Skate Wheels are designed to be the fastest and highest performing wheels possible. Poured in the USA and built without compromise, the Hydrogen wheels deliver unmatched performance, power, and response. The urethane has more grip, longevity and vibration reduction, while the core is strategically designed to add flex for more power and energy in every stride.

Atom Inline Skate Wheels

  • The Atom Spyder Traction Indoor Track Wheels are professional grade racing wheels priced on an economical level. Using the same banded design principles as the higher tier Sub 7 or Boom wheels, these wheels will provide a proper balance of grip and speed for indoor track skating.

    • 90mm, 100mm, or 110mm / FIRM rated hardness (equivalent to approx 85A)
    Colors: 2
  • The Atom Sub 7 IQ Indoor Inline Skate Race Wheels are considered Atom's best indoor wheel for competition level inline speed skating. An improved Q-ring enhances overall speed, grip and durability.

    Colors: 2
  • Atom Boom Magic Inline Wheels are powered by MPC Wheels and made in the USA. Atom and MPC first partnered to bring us the Atom Boom Wheel. The Boom Magic takes it to the next level, combining Atom's new core design with MPC's inner band and tire forumula to the joy of road racers everywhere.

    Colors: 3
  • The Atom Matrix Plus Inline Wheels in 80, 84 and 90mm.  Although these sizes are not banded like the larger 100 and 110 sizes, they still use the same quality urethane to provide a high level of grip and control, combined with durability. Expect these wheels to perform great on any outdoor surface. 

  • The Atom Matrix Plus Inline Speed Skate Wheels have an inner band that works with the hub core to provide superior performance and rebound. The Matrix Plus uses Atom's Boom core technology, but differ from Atom's top end Boom wheel by using a more affordable urethane. This allow more of us skaters the ability to enjoy the performance and feel of a banded wheel without breaking the bank.

    • 100 or 110mm
  • The Atom Matrix inline skate wheels replaced the One wheel. The Matrix wheels are great for skating on the road and even perform well indoors. The Atom Matrix Wheels use a new formula that provides even better grip, roll and durabilitiy over the Atom One Wheel. Seen here is the 110mm which is available in in 85A and 86A hardnesses.

    Colors: 1
  • The Atom ONE Inline Skate Wheels are high performance race wheels. They are competition ready and World Inline Cup (WIC) Champion approved. They offer extreme cornering, grip, and consistently fast speeds. A race-inspired urethane compound results in enduring performance characteristics with consistent lap times throughout the life of the wheel. Symmetrical profile, high rebound, and large hub provides enormous support for the urethane and crown areas for powerful cornering capability and quick turning response. Atom wheels are great for racers and speed skaters looking for control and grip in varying conditions.

    Colors: 2
  • The Atom Wheel Carrier will hold up to 8 wheels as large as 110mm. Made with a durable nylon outer and heavy-duty zipper. Easy to clean and a great way to keep some extra wheels with you.

Bont Inline Skate Wheels

    • 100 and 110mm XFirm

    The first collaborative inline racing wheel from Bont and MPC, the Bont Red Magic Inline Speed Skating Wheels combine the best benefits and features from both manufacturers to produce a wheel that performs unlike any wheel before it. By using fiberglass in the hub, it is 7% stiffer than before while the urethan is faster and more consistent than ever. 

    • 80, 90, 100 and 110mm 84A
    • All Surfaces - Best Suited for Outdoor


    Bont G15 Inline Skate Wheels are the same as the G14 wheel, but with an updated graphic. An all around wheel suitable for any surface, but at 84A hardness perform their best outdoors. A stiff Mechanical Lock Hub is used to enhance rebound and energy return. Good performance and durability at a great value for bladers looking for more than just a replacement wheel.

    • 80, 90, 100 and 110mm
    • All Surfaces - Best Suited for Outdoors


    Bont G14 Inline Skate Wheels have a stiff Mechanical Lock Hub that works with the urethane to provide good rebound and performance. Designed to be suitable for all skating surfaces, but perform best outdoors at 84A hardness. Soon to be replaced by the G15 wheel. 

Doop Inline Skate Wheels

Explore Inline Skate Wheels

Matter Inline Skate Wheels

    • Sizes: 100mm or 110mm
    • Type: Speed (Road)
    • Hardnesses: 88A (F0), 86A (F1), 84A (F2)

    The Matter G13 TR3 Inline Skate Wheels have been improved, even though they were already the best available. Incorporating stored energy ring technology, or SERT, into the TR3 hub design has created a wheel that invokes speed, and enables the perfect balance between wheel flexibility and energy release.

    Colors: 3
  • Matter G13 One20Five 125mm Wheels offer the same technology as the other G13 wheels. The future is tri-wheel setups that provide all the benefits of large wheel skating, without suffering from increased frame length, deck height or loss of agility. With new designs and technology from the mind of Neal Piper, one of the pioneers of inline speed skating wheels, these wheels are made to be perfect.

    Colors: 2
  • The debut of the Matter Max G Inline Skate Wheels started with the Trophèe des 3 Pistes in France on Easter of 2013 was nothing short of a triumph and lead to Euro Cup domination by Powerslide's world champion skaters.  The Max G are designed to work in conjunction with other wheels to maximize performance and ensure you have everything you need for every racing condition.

  • The Matter Nuke Indoor Inline Speed Skate Wheels are the little brother to the Matter Lethal X wheels. Just like the Lethal X, these too are banded indoor wheels, using the same high quality outer urethane. At these prices, more folks can enjoy the benefit and feel of a bandeded wheel, without breaking the bank. Deigned for indoor racing up to Pro level, and great for all skating indoor track.

    Colors: 2

MPC Inline Skate Wheels

    • Sizes: 125mm
    • Type: Speed (Road)
    • Hardnesses: XFirm / XXFirm


    MPC Street Fight Inline Skate Wheels are the return of one of the most popular road wheels, now in 125mm size! Single urethane using patented MTech™ optimization; great for road, asphalt or concrete. Recommended for outdoor use.

    Colors: 1
  • The MPC Black Magic Inline Skate Wheels are the apex of MPC's wheel offerings, combining their best hub design and urethane mix. The new urethane compound is stable enough that these wheels can be used on any surface; track or road, expect these wheels to push the performance level further then the finish line.

    Colors: 3
  • Designed specifically to provide the best performance possible in wet situations, the MPC Storm Surge Turbo Inline Skate Wheels will provide optimal grip when the surfaces get slick and slippery. Patented MTech Soft Heart, Hard Body dual urethane provides excellent durability without compromising speed and grip and is only available on the MPC Storm Surge Turbo wheels.

  • MPC's Road War inline skate wheels are proven winners. Made with a resilient inner band that provides rebound for a great roll on smooth or rough asphalt. The inner band allows flex on corners for a secure footprint and grip. Having a high durometer outer urethane, the straight line footprint is reduced to descrease resistance. This makes for an all-around great speed wheel with great durability.

    • Firm 85A
    • XFirm 87A
    Colors: 2

Nordic Air Tires

    • Sizes: 150mm
    • Type: All-Terrain
    • PSI: 90 PSI (6.2 Bar)

    Powerslide Nordic Air Tires are used on Nordic frames and are not compatible with standard inline frames (they are too wide, they won't fit, don't try it!). Designed to transition seamlessly from road to trail to take you places you never knew skates could go!

  • The Powerslide Nordic Road Warrior Air Tire (Each) is an individually sold replacement wheel that is usable for any nordic, all-terrain, or off-road skates and roller-skis that accept 125mm wheel size. Tube included.

Powerslide Inline Skate Wheels

Seba Inline Skate Wheels

    • Sizes: 100mm, 110mm or 125mm
    • Type: Speed (Road) / Cross-Training
    • Hardnesses: 85A

    The Seba SP Inline Speed Skate Wheels are fast with a super smooth roll. The 85A hardness speed formula is upgraded from the CC Speed Wheels with an improved balance of durability and grip; providing great roll on all surfaces types.

    Colors: 3
    • Sizes: 90mm, 100mm or 110mm
    • Type: Urban / Cross-Training
    • Hardness: 84A

    The Seba CC Inline Speed Skate Wheels are a great choice for road skating and are made for skates that need large wheels from 90mm and up. The 84A hardness and blends fast, smooth rolling potential with high durability for that perfect speed wheel balance.

    • Sizes: 72mm, 76mm, 80mm or 90mm
    • Type: Recreational / Freestyle  / Urban
    • Hardnesses: 85A

    The Seba CW Inline Skate Freestyle Slalom Wheels are often found on Seba slalom or freestyle inline skates. It has a thin profile when compared to some other Seba wheels, making for a higher top speed and more mobility. 85A hardness.

    Colors: 1
    • Sizes: 72mm, 76mm, 80mm or 84mm
    • Type: Recreational / Freestyle / Urban
    • Hardness: 84A

    The Seba Street Invader Inline Skate Wheels come in a variety of colors to spice up your skates. Designed for slalom and freeskating, the Seba Street Invaders have a wider profile then previous Seba wheels, providing a bigger footprint and adding more grip and control.

    Colors: 9
    • Sizes: 76mm or 80mm
    • Type: Freestyle / Urban
    • Hardness: 85A

    The Seba CW Sparkling Inline Skate Wheels 4pk will add that extra "spark" to your skating adventures! With it's wider profile, these are similar to the standard white and black CW wheels that will offer a good balance of grip and speed.

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