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Bont Inline Skate Wheels

    • 100 and 110mm XFirm

    The first collaborative inline racing wheel from Bont and MPC, the Bont Red Magic Inline Speed Skating Wheels combine the best benefits and features from both manufacturers to produce a wheel that performs unlike any wheel before it. By using fiberglass in the hub, it is 7% stiffer than before while the urethan is faster and more consistent than ever. 

    • 80, 90, 100 and 110mm 84A
    • All Surfaces - Best Suited for Outdoor


    Bont G15 Inline Skate Wheels are the same as the G14 wheel, but with an updated graphic. An all around wheel suitable for any surface, but at 84A hardness perform their best outdoors. A stiff Mechanical Lock Hub is used to enhance rebound and energy return. Good performance and durability at a great value for bladers looking for more than just a replacement wheel.

    • 80, 90, 100 and 110mm
    • All Surfaces - Best Suited for Outdoors


    Bont G14 Inline Skate Wheels have a stiff Mechanical Lock Hub that works with the urethane to provide good rebound and performance. Designed to be suitable for all skating surfaces, but perform best outdoors at 84A hardness. Soon to be replaced by the G15 wheel. 

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