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Alkali Hockey has returned with the full line up of RPD roller hockey skates. Every model (RPD Max, RPD Shift, RPD Team, RPD Comp, RPD Crew and RPD Lite) features the new Labeda Movement Chassis that was designed specifically to work with each boot. The second wheel from the toe recesses into a low-profile cutout and lowers the player's center of gravity, allowing them to have a more aggressive turning radius and a much improved balanced feel compared to the previous Alkali Line. Alkali also went after a flashier look this year, using vibrant fluorescent colors and accenting them with white quarter package materials.

Alkali Roller Hockey Skates Senior

  • The Alkali RPD Max Roller Hockey Skates are the premier model in the RPD Skate Line. This RPD Max features the magnesium Labeda Movement chassis with premier Labeda Addiction (XXX Grip) Wheels for superior speed and grip. Alkali had the chassis specifically made for these boots to provide an aggressive turning radius with excellent power transfer through each stride.

  • The Alkali RPD Shift Roller Hockey Skates feature the same boot seen on the flagship RPD Max skate but with different lowers. The RPD Shift skates utilize a full composite outsole, the CNC Extruded Labeda Movement frame and (4) Labeda Dynasty III 74A wheels.

  • The Alkali RPD Team Roller Hockey Skates are a great choice for the player looking for a high performance skate without breaking the bank. The RPD Team Skate features a full composite glass outsole and a CNC Extruded Labeda Movement chassis for excellent responsiveness and aggressiveness.

  • The Alkali RPD Comp Roller Hockey Skates are an excellent middle of the pack skate with a gentle price tag. The RPD Crew Skate features a stiffer AEPE Molded Quarter Package, a one-piece Labeda Movement Chassis and the new Labeda RPG Gripper Wheels.

  • The Alkali RPD Crew Roller Hockey Skates are an all-around solid performing skate at a great value. The RPD Crew has the EVA Compressed Foam Quarter that balances support and comfort for the intermediate level player. The Multi-Surface Alkali RPD Crew 78A wheels allow players to secure good grip on almost any surface, indoors or outdoors.

  • The Alkali RPD Lite Roller Hockey Skates are the entry-level model in the Alkali RPD Skate Line. The RPD Lite showcases the completely redesigned Labeda Movement Chassis that helps to recess the second wheel from the front into the outsole. These new features give players a lower center of gravity for balance, allows the player to turn sharper and it increases power transfer in each stride. The chassis holds (4) Alkali RPD Lite 82A Outdoor wheels that can withstand being used on rough outdoor surfaces like asphalt and concrete.

  • The Alkali CA9 Roller Hockey skate is one of the premier skates from Alkali Hockey. Taking what they learned from over 20+ years in the roller hockey industry, the founders of Alkali have created a pro level skate that is surely going to take your game to the next level. Featuring Alkali's Lithium Science construction, they went with advanced EPP foam and Surlyn quarters and a carbon fiber outsole for excellent response. On the bottom is Alkali's magnesium with Labeda Addiction wheels to make you unstoppable on the court.


    Sizes Available: 6.0
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