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Elbow and Knee Pad Sizing

The hardest part of buying pads is determining the size. Using our pad size video, we indicate a couple different sizing guidelines that can be followed. Some manufacturers supply sizing guidelines with their pads. This should always be observed over general recommendations when available. Because sizing can be correlated to body weight and height, many times you can shop for the pad size by associating your clothing size. For example, those that wear a LARGE shirt often would wear a LARGE elbow pad. Below is a very basic sizing chart that will help indicate general sizing guidelines. It is not definitive and should only be referenced as an example. True sizing may vary.

In instances where the body type or sizes are not uniform, it is recommended to order the larger of the sizes to ensure comfort without restrictions. Adjustable straps will help secure those that may seem too large. If the pads do not move after strapping is secured and flexibility maintained, the pads should function without issue.

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