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The Oakley Pro Aviator visor is similar to the Pro Modified Aviator in shape but offers more facial protection and a more aggressive cut.  The Pro Aviator visor has the popular aviator shape giving you good airflow and protection.  These VR900 Oakley Visors now come with a custom sticker pack that has seven different color options, giving players the choice to add a personal touch to their shield.

  • Model Number: VR900
  • Compatibility: Compatible with most certified hockey helmets.


  •  Construction:
    • Provides distortion-free optics through the entire range of vision.
    • Shatter-proof polycarbonate material that provides a nearly impenetrable barrier for the eyes
    • Coated with AFR™, a specially formulated coating that provides anti-fog and scratch resistant properties.
    • Lens bottom cut is curved to allow for maximum ventilation.
    • Fixed mounting system ensures for a durable and lasting visor
  • Protection:
    • Visor height - 3.75" at the highest point and 3" at the middle
    • CSA, HECC, and CE approved
  • Vision:
    • One of the few visor shields that meets and exceeds the demanding ANSI Z87.1 standard for optical clarity.
  • Mounting hardware and spacers included
    • Also includes a custom sticker pack with seven different color choices for personalization
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Comments: Great visor, only wore before my wedding to try to save my life from my future wife if I took a puck or stick to the face, but it does not limit my vision and have not had problems fogging up, so I have left it on.
From: Peter, MI

Comments: Great visor with ample mounting options for the helmet. I couldn't get the visor to stop swivelling up and down a bit, but the movement was minor and never presented a problem. I've since switched to the VR910 because it provides a bit more coverage, but was definitely happy with this visor.
From: Raphael, WI

Comments: worked great on my Easton helmet. Low fog issues. Switched to a strait cut. Wasn't a fan of the bubble look.
From: Eric

Comments:Very litght with a nice feel. Low fog and great field of view. Would def recommend!
From: Mike

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