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The Vaughn Ventus LT80 Goalie Leg Pad is extremely light weight and provides advanced level ice hockey protection. The Ventus LT80 leg pads features a full flat front surface and a one piece outer roll designed specifically for butterfly style goaltenders.

The Ventus LT80 pads are built around an internal foam core, constructed with multiple foam thicknesses and densities in a precise arrangement. This pre-shaped firm design provides a solid frontal blocking surface and firm perimeter edges for improved net coverage and allows the pads to hold their shape longer without sagging. The varying densities of foam used throughout the core allow the pad to twist and flex in critical locations improving performance and limits stress on the knee and hip joints. All Vaughn Ventus goalie pads come with tall plus 2" sizing standard for improved five hole coverage. The Ventus leg pads feature a wide internal landing for increased surface area along the ice, increasing balance, net coverage and protection. Upper thigh protection comes from the laced in thigh guards that can be easily adjusted or removed if desired. The knee cradle is sewn in and has an angled strap system that straps below the knee for less friction and added comfort when dropping down into the butterfly position. The wide landing pad on the leg cradle is filled with soft low density foam for superior comfort and cushions the body when dropping down to the ice. The leg cradle also allows the pad to pivot like a hinge, allowing the pad to quickly rotate around the leg for more effective blocking positioning. The LT80 leg pad also features two large calf wrap flaps for total coverage and protection for the back of the leg. The strapping system consists of two adjustable nylon straps around the knee stack, two leather calf straps, one leather boot strap and toe ties.

The Ventus LT80 goalie pads are constructed from high end materials ensuring solid durability, excellent protection and are perfect for butterfly goaltenders looking for a light weight high performance pad.

  • Model Number: VPGLT80
  • Heritage: New
  • Level of Play: (Senior)
    • Roller: Up to Professional
    • Ice: Up to Advanced
  • Playing Style: Butterfly


Shipping Note:

Excluded from shipping promotions. Ground is only $9.75 per shipment. Please refer to the Shipping Page for further information. Must ship via FedEx/UPS only - No Postal Service

  • Exterior:
    • Butterfly style design
      • Provides maximum net coverage
    • New Ventus graphics
      • Provide longer, taller appearance
  • Protection:
    • Internal core construction consists of multiple layers of foam in varying densities
      • Allows the pad to flex and twist
      • Reduces and limits stress to the knees and hip joints
  • Face:
    • Full flat faced front surface
      • Firm perimeter edges provides more effective blocking area
      • Increases rebound control
  • Outer Roll:
    • One piece outside roll
      • Added rigidity for maximum net coverage
  • Inner Roll:
    • Wide inside edge provides increased pad control, balance and stability
  • Thigh Guard:
    • Integrated under-pant thigh protector
    • Molded poly plastic thigh guards with contouring design
    • 1.5" elastic strap
    • Soft and medium density foams
    • Mesh liner for breathability, nylon outer material for durability
  • Knee Cradle:
    • Full width knee cradle with angled strapping for precise knee placement and faster pad rotation
  • Knee Stack:
    • Knee lifter for more ergonomic body positioning
    • 2-piece knee stack design
      • Inner Layer - Medium density comfort foam
      • Outer Layer - Thin, dense foam with poly insert providing great durability and a smooth sliding surface
  • Calf Wrap: 
    • 2-piece calf wrap design
    • Soft contoured inner calf flap
    • Medium density foam outer calf wrap
  • Leg Channel:
    • Ergonomic leg channel design
    • Unique liner absorbs moisture keeping the legs dryer
    • Soft foams for comfort and impact absorption
  • Boot Channel:
    • Contoured boot channel allows the pad to sit lower to the playing surface
  • Straps: 
    • 1.5" elastic loop strap on extended upper thigh guard
    • 2" dual layer elastic velcro strap on the inner knee stack
    • Two 1" nylon straps with adjustable buckles around the thigh and knee
    • Two 3/4" leather straps over calf
    • One 3/4" adjustable leather boot strap
    • Off set tie on toe assembly with lace adjustment position
  • Note:
    • +2 sizing is standard on the Vaughn Ventus LT80
  • Weight:
    • 5.3lbs (Based on a Senior 32" +2" leg pad)
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