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The Vaughn 7500 Straight Bar Goalie Mask uses a thin profile straight bar cage design to offer excellent protection without overly restricting the visibility.
The Vaughn 7500 goal mask features a high impact Lexan shell along with a VN foam liner for great protection and shot dampening. The 7500 mask also utilizes large ventilation holes to allow airflow to the head and heat to escape. The large facial opening along with the low luster stainless steel cage that is being used offers excellent visibility to the goaltender. The shorter cut in the chin of Vaughn's 7500 goal mask allows more downward visibility and a closer fit to the face.
The Vaughn 7500 goal mask provides protection suitable for intermediate levels of ice hockey and advanced levels of roller hockey.
  • Model Number: VM7500SB
  • Heritage: Vaughn 7500
  • Level of play: (Junior)
    • Roller: Advanced
    • Ice: Intermediate
  • Vaughn Sizing Guidelines:
    • Mask Size // Head Size // Head Circumference
    • Junior // 6 3/8" - 6 5/8" // 20 1/8" - 20 1/4"
*This product is Certified by CSA, HECC and CE
  • Shell:
    • High impact Lexan shell
      • For impact resistance
    • Ridge lines on the mask
      • Add strength and reduce the shell flex under high impacts
    • Large vent holes allow for more air flow and heat exhaust
  • Cage:
    • Low luster stainless steel cage
      • For optimal visibility and strength
    • Certified cat eye cage
      • For increased visibility
    • Recessed cage area brings the cage closer to the face for clearer sight lines
  • Foam Liner:
    • High density VN foam liner provides great impact absorption
    • The VN foam doesn't retain water to help keep the overall weight down
  • Fit:
    • Foam chin cup with antimicrobial liner
    • Fully adjustable 1" five-point back plate strap
    • Adjustable nylon chin strap
    • The shorter chin design
      • Allows for more downward visibility and a closer fit to the face
  • Sweatband:
    • Towel style sweatband included to keep sweat off the face
  • Weight:
    • 3.05lbs
  • Included accessories:
    • Mesh draw string liner bag
    • Extra sweatband
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