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The Sherwood T90 Hockey Gloves are the top of the line traditional fit hockey glove from Sher-wood with a high-end PU exterior providing advanced protection in a classic 4-roll design.

The T90 glove has a lightweight "high-end" polyurethane exterior that gives the glove a great traditional look and offers a high level of protection and ensures a long lasting glove.

The liner of the glove is the same as most of the high end Sherwood gloves; the cool-tech liner technology, which features a number of helpful properties.  The material wicks moisture away during the game and releases humidity outside the glove, providing optimal comfort.

The T90 glove features a removable hyperloc thumb system that helps prevent thumb hyper extension, but can be removed for the player who prefers greater thumb movement. The T90 is designed for a traditional fit with generous volume with ample wrist movement. 

  • Model Number: SW0001
  • Heritage: T90 2011
  • Level of Play: Ideal for intermediate to advanced level play
  • Fit Guidelines: Traditional fit - Also referred to as a "volume fit" this design gives the players ample room through the glove for wrist mobility
  • Sherwood sizing guidelines:
    Glove size / Player height 
    13" / 4'0"-4'8"
    13-14" / 4'8"-5'4"
    13-15" / 5'4"-6'0"
    14-15" / 6'0"-6'8"


  • Exterior:
    • High-end polyurethane exterior offers good durability at light weight
  • Protection:
    • HD Foam with plastic inserts
      • Featured on backhand, fingers, and thumb area
    • Removable Hyperloc thumb
      • Helps prevent hyper extension during play
  • Palm:
    • Clarino with digi-tech overlay
      • Excellent stick feel with solid durability
  • Liner:
    • Sher-Wood Cool Tech Lining
      • Fast drying for a comfortable fit
  • Fit:
    • Traditional fit- Generous volume with ample wrist movement 
    • Triple-segmented index finger adds flexibility
    • Removable Hyperloc thumb
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