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The Reebok Premier 14K Goalie Catcher offers goalies quality lightweight protection. The 14K catch glove offers similar construction methods as the 18K and P4 Pro models and is designed for goalies playing up to the intermediate levels of play.

Materials used on the Bauer Premier 14K goalie catcher are made from a synthetic leather. Various foams are used in combination with plastic inserts to deaden and disperse puck impact. Nylon cordage is used to make the netting in the pocket and is used to stitch the many layers of foams, plastics and synthetic materials together. Materials used on the inner palm consist of a durable leather thats great for wicking away moisture keeping your hands dryer during the game. Moisture wicking micro fiber materials are used on the inner side of the hand flaps and wrist cuff. Mesh material is used on the finger stalls allowing additional airflow to your hand. Two straps are included for this catch glove, one across the back of the hand and one at the wrist offering plenty of adjustments to get the right fit. The Premier line design and logos are screen printed throughout give the goalie glove a similar look as the pros.

The Reebok 14K catch glove offers similar technology used throughout the Premier line and replaces the 2011 Reebok Revoke 7000. The 14K catcher comes in a two-piece cuff design giving the goalie more flex at the cuff. The two piece cuff is generally preferred by hybrid style goalies that want that additional flexibility allowing for quick reactions. New advancements in protective foams and injection-molded components offer the goalie outstanding protection and lightweight construction. Reebok is using a single-T pocket design on the 14K glove, and is generally preferred by goalies that like to play the puck. Backhand protection comes from the segmented foam flaps giving the goalie additional flexibility and protection.

Reebok is known for producing quality goalie equipment that offers innovative and protective features. The Reebok Premier 14K goalie catcher is a great choice for goalies that want quality protection at a fraction of the cost.

  • Model Number: GM14k
  • Heritage: Reebok Revoke 7000
  • Level of Play: (Senior)
    • Roller: Up to Advanced
    • Ice: Up to Intermediate
  • Sizing Guidelines:
    • Senior: 7" - 8 3/8"
    • Measured from heel of palm to tip of middle finger
  • Hand Selection:
    • Regular = Catcher used on the left hand
    • Full Right = Catcher used on the right hand
  • Construction:
    • Synthetic leather
    • Dual pocket break zones for controlled closure
    • 590 Angle
  • Pocket:
    • Single-T design for greater visibility
      • Deep design helps control rebounds
    • T-bar
      • Pre-molded for easy closure
  • Frontside Protection: 
    • Molded plastic and foam protection
      • Maintains shape
      • Helps with break in time
    • Two-piece cuff design
      • Additional flex at the wrist
  • Backside Protection:
    • Two-piece injection-molded thumb cuff design maintains 3D shape
      • Offers maximum thumb protection
    • Segmented medium density foam backhand flap
      • Segmented design allows additional flexibility
      • Leather velcro strap locks the backhand flap in place
    • Medium density foam wrist flap
      • Secured with velcro
  • Inside:
    • Leather palm
      • Fast drying
    • Knitted air mesh finger stall
      • Allows airflow that keeps your hand dryer
  • Fit:
    • Quick access to wrist strap for easy cuff adjustment
    • Two adjustable straps
      • Wrist - Padded with a nylon strap and plastic buckle
      • Backhand - Leather velcro strap
    • Leather thumb and pinky strap adjustment
      • Custom fit inside the molded thumb and pinky stall
  • Weight:
    • 1.95lbs (Based on a Intermediate)
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