Mission Hockey Bearing Spacers
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Mission Hockey Bearing Spacers

Replacement Mission long sleeved bearing aluminum spacers. Bearing spacers precisely aligns bearings, wheel and axle to improve glide speed and free spin. Aluminum provides much better performance than plastic. Sized for 6mm axles and available in either 608 (standard) or 688 (micro) bearing size.

Mission long sleeved aluminum bearing spacer for 6mm axles. Micro 688 version used for micro bearings, Standard 608 version is used for standard bearings.

Spacer Deminsions:

  • Micro 688 - The sleeve portion on the "short" sleeved bearing spacer measures 3/16" in length on each side of the thicker middle section.
  • Standard 608 - The sleeve portion on the "long" sleeved bearing spacer measures 5/16" in length on each side of the thicker middle section.


Benefits of Aluminum bearing spacers:

  • Precisely Aligns Bearing, Wheel & Axle to Improve Glide Speed & Free Spin
  • Aluminum Dissipates Heat & Maintains Shape Better Than Plastic
  • Minimizes Noise By Isolating Hub & Bearings From Axle


Sold individually.


Note: The standard long sleeved 608 bearing spacer won't fit the older Bauer and Nike Bauer branded skates. 2008 and earlier models have a unique larger diameter axle.  The Sonic Extender Axle Kit will provide 8 axles and 8 bearing spacers that can be used on these Bauer skates. Since the heads on the Sonic axles are both round, one head won't fit in the recessed oblong hole on the Bauer frame, but it still works.

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Comments: These spacers are the bees knees! Super LITE!! My first game with them I
scored a hattrick!
From: Matt, CO

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Micro 688

6mm 8+

Standard 608

6mm 8+
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