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The Easton Stealth RS Composite Hockey Blade is the top of the line traditional blade from Easton.  The Stealth RS offers supreme performance with the focus flex tapered hosel design and excellent durability with the multi-rib blade construction.

The focus flex tapered hosel design on the RS makes the blade more responsive to quick shots on net. The multi-rib design adds rigidity throughout and helps the blade from distorting throughout your shot. Easton used a Micro-Bladder construction to offer a great consistent feel throughout the blade.

  • Model Year: 2012
  • Heritage: New for 2012
  • Level of Play: Advanced to pro level of play
  • Shaft CompatibilityTraditional shafts
  • Weight: 175 grams (Iginla curve)



  • Construction:
    • Micro-Bladder - Easton's proprietary design that creates a more consistent blade
    • Composite construction
  • Hosel:
    • Focus Flex Hosel design
    • Composite construction
  • Core:
    • Multi-Rib design - Controls blade flex through puck impact ensuring pinpoint accuracy


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Comments:  It's a solid replacement blade, but it's just too heavy. My Bauer blade is substantially lighter, and has very comparable curves. It's got solid durability, but as do other blades. For the money, I'd go for Bauer.
From: Frank, GA

Comments: The go-to replacement blade from Easton. Lite, stiff, good shot, good puck feel, lots of patterns - I like the Cammi pattern, excellent all-around players pattern. Although Bauer is running away with lite weight crown and Easton needs to catch up to stay competitive and this is the blade they need to make even lighter. The TO is about 30 grams lighter. That is significant in a replacemnt blade.
From: Gear Executive, Fort Collins, CO

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