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The Easton E700 Hockey Helmet is the top of the line helmet from Easton. The E700 is specifically engineered to give players the best protection and offer assurance that they'll need to outperform any player on the rink. 

The E700 is the only helmet on the market utilizing a full coverage EPP foam liner with a polycarbonate plastic shell to provide excellent multi-impact durability. The one-piece shell design allows for more foam to be used and offer less gaps to offer better energy absorption and resist crushing. Drawing on the innovations and expertise of the Easton-Bell Sports Helmet Technology Center, the E700 was created to be the best engineered and most advanced helmet to date while offering an incredible level of protection. 

For the fit, Easton utilized the Giro Fit System. The Fit System is used in world class bike and snowboard helmets. This adjustable, elastic fit system in the back of the helmet provides a superior fit that fits close and snug to the head and prevents the helmet from moving around. Inside the helmet are removable and washable comfort pads for a comfortable and snug fit. Secured by velcro, these pads offer a personalize fit.

  • Heritage: New
  • Level of Play Guideline: Elite
  • Protection:
    • Full EPP foam one-piece construction
      • Only one on the market
      • More EEP foam can be used
      • Less gaps for full coverage and energy absorption 
      • Helps reduce overall volume
      • Extremely light weight
    • EPP foam and polycarbonate plastic in a single laminated structure
      • Offers best in class impact protection
      • Increased impact durability 
      • Keeps overall weight to a minimum
  • Fit:
    • Adjustable Giro Fit system - tool free adjustment 
    • Removable ear covers
    • Low profile, pro fit helmet
  • Comfort:
    • Anti-microbal comfort pads
      • Strategically placed for protection and fit
      • Removable and washable
  • HECC, CSA, CE Certified
  • Compatible with most face cages and shields/visors
  • Weight: 371 grams (medium)

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Comments: I bought one of these to replace a Bauer 9900. I was trying to get away from the glued in padding that Bauer uses because it all came off my 9900 from sweat. The E700 is insanely light, it weighs as much as an elbow pad.

The padding is way more comfortable out of the box than an old school 4500 or a 5100. The washable padding is cool as well, it helps to minimize bucket funk. I would recommend picking up a spare set of pads because after about twenty washes the padding started to breakdown a little. I brought out the needle and thread and fixed my set.

I like the adjustment system despite having reservations about its effectiveness. When this thing is adjusted correctly it wont move unless you get hit really hard and even then movement is minimal.

I switch between a cage for league play and a half shield, the fit works well for both. The half shield combo is so light that it feels like there's nothing on your head.

I bought a second E700 in white after buying the first in black because I liked the bucket so much.
From: Ollie, OR

Comments: My hat size is 7 5/8 and I got the large size helmet and it fits perfectly. Before this helmet I had a Bauer 4500 for the better part of 10 years. The E700 is a much more secure fit and the weight is like nothing else on the market. I got this helmet about a year ago and it still looks like new.

If I had one complaint it was the lining inside the helmet holds the sweat for an extended period of time which is annoying if you play a lot like I do. Although they are removable and for an extra obnoxious 30 bucks you could have a replacement set.

All and all for those that are a little turned off at the price just remember in is your head and the performance and protection technology are second to none. If you are in the market for a helmet this is the one for you.
From: Matt, Pittsburgh, PA

Comments: this is the best high end helmet I've ever owned and I've played for 40 years. Finally one that does not keep falling down into your line of vision and stays put on your head like it should. The padding also does a great job of soaking up the sweat and keeping it out of your eyes! Awesome!!
From: Dave, Virginia Beach, VA

Comments: Excellent helmet that manages to offer top notch protection while being incredibly light and comfortable all at the same time. This helmet comes as close to feeling like you have nothing on your head at all that is possible. It's so light and the padding so comfortable that you really can forget it's even there. The ventilation is excellent and keeps your head cool and fairly sweat free. The padding is the softest I've ever felt and the fact you can remove it to let it air makes it all the cooler. The fitting system is definitely different than traditional helmets and at first will make it difficult to find the right fit. playing with the back strap and side straps will help you zero in on the best fit but it will take some getting used to at first. This helmet takes other companies cages just find as I've managed to use a Reebok 11K and Bauer Re-akt just fine. The Re-akt makes for an unbelievably light combo that will feel like nothing at all. Ultimately, the best helmet for you is the one that feels best on your head and everyone's head is different and it takes trying different brands and models to see what feels right. But if you're head fits this helmet and it feels good, you're in luck cause it's a great one to use.
From: Steve, Tampa, FL

Comments: Great Helmet. Definitely light and low profile. The comfort pads do a great job of absorbing sweat. Although the pads do take longer than expected to dry. I would recommend buying extra sets of replacement pads if you play multiple games a day/night.
From: Nguyen, CA

Comments: the Easton e700 helmet is the best fitting helmet on the market. its very comfortable doesn't squish your head and is very light. i would recommend this helmet . buy it and you wont be disappointed.
From: Bob, Tyngsborough, MA

Comments: Great helmet. I absolutely love it. Lightweight, extremely comfortable, and easy to adjust. Not to mention it looks great. If I had any complaints it would be that the padding can be easy to accidentally pull off (it's all attached by velcro inside the helmet), but even that isn't a major issue. All-around a great helmet if you can shell out the money.
From: Andrew

Comments:Fit Easton provides 2 internal ways of adjusting the fit of the E700; the height of the occipital base pad can be adjusted in three levels (upper, mid, lower) and there is an arm mechanism that can be set for a more forward or rearward fit. I am coming from the Bauer family 5500, 7500, 9500, 9900 where the fit was snug, but it tended to pinch my temples a bit and I would have a dull pain just from wearing it. The E700 does not have any pain points and fits pretty nicely, although I have had some players have hard time finding a perfect fit (where the one size is a bit too large and the next smaller size is a bit too small). I would also say that these helmets run slightly larger than other models, especially Bauer. 9/10 Protection From the lightweight feel of the helmet, you would definitely think that protection would be an issue, but this is not the case. I have taken several hard hits and this helmet certainly does its job. Easton has done an excellent job in providing a lightweight helmet with top-level protection. 9/10 Weight The weight of this helmet is practically immeasurable; it is extremely light which is why I was saying its protection could be brought under question. The helmet feels great on your head and does not feel like it adds any drag weight to your head while playing. 10/10 Durability The helmet has been holding up great, of course you get the normal wear and tear marks on the outside, but otherwise no complaints. 10/10 Intangibles The black matte helmet looks very slick and was getting a lot of compliments on the ice. Wearing the E700 feels like youÕre wearing a hat instead of a helmet it is that comfortable. It is hands-down by far the most comfortable lid I have ever worn. The internal padding is so soft and does an excellent job at preventing sweat from dripping into your eyes. The padding can also be easily removed and washed, which is a nice touch. 10/10 player reference: 6'0 / 165lbs / A League (3x/week)
From: Rich

Comments: This helment is the best out there. Like the other reviewer said, it absorbs alot of moisture, meaning that you wont have sweat in your eyes or anything like that. Also, it is EXTREMLY comfortable and adjustable, I recommend it, its worth paying a bit extra for the comfort and the washability
From: Kevin, VA

Comments: Awesome helmet. It is very comfortable, very lightweight and looks great. The pads absorb a lot of moisture and it is awesome that they are washable. Great job Easton!
From:   Sam, Milwaukee, WI USA

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