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The Cascade M11 hockey helmet offers excellent protection.

Cascade has teamed up with the great Hall of Fame NHL player Mark Messier to create Messier Project.  The Messier Project was created to address the issue of concussions in hockey, by effective product development and a public awareness campaign. The M11 helmet was created as part of the Messier Project to help reduce concussions and offer top level protection.

The M11 hockey helmet features Seven Technology.  The Seven Technology system uses a new liner system to absorb maximum energy and almost instantly return to the original positioning.  The Seven Technology is perfect for the sport of hockey, due to the that hockey is a multiple impact sport.  According to Cascade the M11 helmet offers 26% better performance on first impacts, 107% better on second impacts, and 140% better on third impacts when compared to conventional EPP foam helmets.  The Seven Technology is able to regenerate to the original position faster than traditional EPP foam offering increased performance on multiple impacts.

The M11 hockey helmet is also constructed out of a one-piece shell design.  This shell design also reduces direct energy transfer.  Cascade has also introduced a new fit system call ProFit™.  ProFit™ is a single ratchet system to adjust the size of the helmet.  This is an easy tool-free system on the back of the helmet offering a personalized fit.

  • Heritage: New
  • Cascade sizing guidelines:
    helmet size - head circumference
    •  XS - 19.7-20.9"
    •  Small - 20.4-22" 
    •  Medium - 21.6-23.2"
    •  Large - 22.8-24.8"


  • Protection:
    • Seven Technology:
      • Revolutionary Impact technology
      • Matrix of cylindrical cells absorb impact through lateral displacement
      • Reduces G-Forces to the brain from a hockey hit by almost half when compared to the typical hockey helmet
      • 1st impact 26% better than EPP foams
      • 2nd impact 107% better than EPP foams
      • 3rd impact 140% better than EPP foams
    • Mono 90™ shell design: One-piece shell design
      • Light, steam-lined design
      • Reduces direct energy transfer
  • Fit:
    • ProFit Adjustment System:
      • Offers a dynamic contour system
      • Back ratchet latch offers micro adjustments to achieve a 360 degree fit
      • No tools needed
    • Removable Anatomical translucent Surlyn ear covers protect and blend with the look of the helmet
  • Comfort:
    • 20 air vents help maximize airflow keeping the player cooler
    • Pro ear loops maximize comfort
  • Made in the USA
  • HECC, CSA approved
  • Compatible with most face cages and shields/visors
  • Weight: 600 grams (medium)

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Comments: This is the best helmet I ever had. I had the Reebok 6k,Easton S19 and S17 and the M11 cascade. The M11 is by far the best. It has great padding, its comfortable,lightweight and very safe.
From: Jonathan, TX

Comments: This helmet is fantastic. I chose the Cascade M11 because of it's dedication to protection against concussions. I just started playing ice hockey this year - and I am not the greatest skater - so I wanted to make sure I had the right protection. This helmet is super comfortable and lightweight. Great helmet... I recommend it to everyone.
From: Ryan, Denver, CO

Comments: If the ear protectors are any indication of the rest of the helmet don't buy it. My son just got hit with a puck on the ear protector. It's so flexible it jammed into the soft area behind the ear, cut and swollen. Here's the best part ... he's ten. If a ten year old wrist shot can do that, I can't imagine what a slapper from a 16 would have done.
From: Sean, Calgary

Comments: I have been through many helmets with all the different types of foams in them. I have received a concussion while wearing a CCM 06. I had worn cascade lacrosse helmet, and thought that it felt protective, so I decided to try there new helmet. The helmet itself is really comfortable, and the sevens padding seems to be a lot better according to the statistics cascades put out. Also I feel the helmet comes down lower in the back than most other helmets adding to the protection. However this leads to another problem, it feels remarkably bulkier than other helmets on the market. In my opinion this is one of the worst looking helmets on the market, but i will put up with that to receive the protection it offers. Another down is the sizing adjustment broke after a 2 seasons of hockey and one of box lacrosse. it still fits my head, but can't be tightened down for any one else. This is one of the best helmets if you care about your safety in my opinion, if you can put up with the bulk and look it is defiantly the helmet for you.
From: Erik, Seattle, WA

Comments: I was new to hockey and had a tough time finding a helmet that fit properly. Most traditional helmets only adjust front to back. I could get a perfect fit "lengthwise," but it would squeeze too tight on my temples, giving me a headache. Going a size up would be too loose all around. This was the same for three major brands. The Cascade M11 is the only one that fit perfectly because of the way it adjusts. It's fairly lightweight and my head feels very secure because of the way it tightens around your entire head. I haven't worn any other helmets in games, so I can't really say how the ventilation compares. The Bauer Reakt and Warrior Krown came out right after I purchased this one. I haven't had a need to buy a new lid so I haven't tried those on, so I can't say how they compare. But the price point on this helmet makes it a winner.
From: Aiden, Birmingham

Comments: This is an abosultey great helmet!!! The fit is by far the most comfortable of any helmet I or my kids have used. Protection is exemplary. Both kids play on top competitive teams and they love this helmet. While it is impossible to prove, on a few occassions I thought one of the boys would be taking a trip to emergency for concussion symptoms because of a nasty hit or collision. In all cases they just brushed themselves off and were back in the game feeling fine. They often comment on how much protection this helmet seems to offer. Word of caution, I personally don't think any helmet or technology will ever prevent all concussion senarios. Prevention Prevention... The fit mechanism works like a charm and provides the most comfortable fit we've experienced to date. The M11 is slightly heavier than the other top competitors helmets but not by much and the protection offered can't be beat. Price wise I don't believe you can get a better helmet. Styling I know some prefer other brands but in person the helmet is actually pretty good looking and who's really looking when you're flying by the D on a break out :) I matched this with an old bauer visor for myself and the boys with bauer 8500 cages which work just fine. To me the cage included just didn't look to be as good as the other manufacturers but I could be wrong. I particularily like the bauer cages and think the 9500 cage would be a great match. The available options is also a big plus particularily when you are on some of these teams that require a specific colour. With the M11 you're paying the same price for a custom or stock helmet. N.B. There is now a M11Pro comming out that offers the same seven padding but even better fitting system and a more steamlined look with improved ventilation. So if any of these minor things are an issue with you this may be option to consider.For me these are really all non-issues. Myself and both boys have not had a problem with any of the helmets breaking including the fitting mechanism. We're certainly tough on the M11's but perhaps not as much as others who have mentioned this. As a parent and coach I would highly recommend this helmet for anyones child. Plus you are supporting a company that for the FIRST time has taken the issue of concussions seriously and is leaps and bounds ahead of the competion in addressing this. It is about time and I am so glad these came in the time when my boys started playing competitive hockey. I applaud the effort. Well done Cascade!
From: ??

Comments: I bought one last summer, and liked it from the get-go. In fact, I just ordered another one, in white. One always has to look fashionable, ya know. Seriously, kudos to Mark Messier for taking the lead in helmet design with Cascade. All they make is helmets, I trust their integrity.
From:  Dave, Phoenix, Az USA

Comments: Only helmet that I put on that actually felt comfortable. The adjustment in the back of the helmet works well to tweak things when on the bench in the middle of a game. Only downside is that this helmet does not ventilate well. Using a skull cap works wonders on this issue however. Under armor makes a good one. I will buy another one of these helmets when funds permit. A little pricey, but don't try to cut corners when it comes to head protection.
From: Dave, Greenville Sc

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