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The Bauer N18 Goalie Throat Protector offers the same great performance as the N18 but with a little more flash and steez! The N18 Pro goalie throat protector features a specially designed shape that reduces the overall weight and ensures maximum mobility without interfering with the goaltender.

Bauer's N18 throat protector is constructed from injection molded Lexan® ensuring excellent protection. The N18 throat protector comes with three nylon strings that makes attaching the throat guard quick and easy.

  • Model Number: 1034148
  • Bauer Mask Compatibility:
    • One size fits all (Senior)
  • Construction:
    • Pro design
  • Materials:
    • LEXAN® Injection molded
  • Fit:
    • Three string attatchment
  • Weight:
    • 54 grams
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Comments: Rule number 1 of shooting was to look where you want the puck to go (even in a subtle way) and bring the stick to there, the puck will go right to it.

I'm happy to report (sans bad language) that shooters have called my neck guard "distracting as _______", "insanely shiny", "an unfair advantage", and many other things that I'll choose to take as compliments. Throat guards are a must, but distracting people seems to end up with more shots on chest (perfect for rebound control)... if they'll let you wear this one, get it.
From: Ken, Winter Park CO

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