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The Mission Vanguard Magnesium frame features Mission's patented Vanguard design for top performance. The Vanguard design is the next generation of Mission's revolutionary HiLo set-up which now utilizes even larger wheels! The larger wheels offer the player more speed and stopping power.

The frame is constructed of Magnesium! Which is wicked light.

This is a kit so it comes complete with bearing spacers for both standard and micro hub wheels.


  • Mission's patented Hi Lo Vanguard design:
    • The Vanguard™ frame uses 76mm(2) in the front and 80mm(2) in the rear
    • Vanguard explodes off the charts in performance!
    • Offers increased overall speed and decreased stopping distance
    • The perfect balance in wheel sizes - Maximizes results while still maintain a low, powerful center of gravity
  • Made of Magnesium Alloy - The lightest frame material used today!
  • Kit is complete with:
    • 8 Axles
    • 8 Long Sleeved 608 bearing Spacers
    • 8 Short Sleeved 688 bearing Spacers
    • 1 Axle Tool
  • Sold in pairs
  • Sizing Guideline
    • 2010 skates or newer:
      • Frame size / Mission skate size
      • Small 6-7.5
      • Medium 8-9.5
      • Large 10-12
    • 2009 or older skates:
      • Frame Size / Mission skate
      • Small / 6.0-8.0
      • Medium / 8.5-10.5
      • Large / 11.0-13.0

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