Easton has awoken a family of sleeping giants and that family's name is Easton Synergy. With the flagship Synergy HTX Stick leading the resurrection, Easton has brought back the Synergy name that is synonymous with game-changing and infused it with exciting innovative technologies. For the first time ever, Easton designed the Synergy HTX, the Synergy 80 and the Synergy 60 blades to have a stiffness profile that match their shafts flex profile. This HyperTuned™ Technology enables hockey players of all different skill levels to harness the pure velocity that their stick's blade AND shaft have to offer. The young or developing player is given a softer blade stiffness profile that they will be able to properly load up on, while the older or more experienced player is provided with an even more dangerous and stiff blade flex profile that will be sure to wreak havoc on goalies everywhere.

For even more information on the Easton Synergy HTX Hockey Stick, watch the product review video below!

The NEW Easton Synergy HTX Hockey Sticks

The Complete Line of the NEW Easton Synergy Hockey Sticks

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