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Warrior Hockey offers 2 families of hockey sticks: Covert and Dynasty. The Covert stick has a low flex point. The Covert stick flexes just above the hosel, so it loads quickly. A quick load results in a quick release. Great for wrist shots. Versus the Warrior Dynasty stick offers a mid flex point. Flexing the Dynasty stick loads up the entire stick resulting in a powerful, hard shot. Ideal for the snap shots, and slap shots.

Warrior Dynasty Sticks
Mid Kick for a Powerful Shot

  • Warrior Dynasty AX3 Grip Hockey Sticks Sr L

    The Warrior Dynasty AX3 Hockey Sticks are an excellent mid price-point stick that has a great balance of price, value and performance. The AX3 utilizes the same fiber arrangements seen in the flagship AX1 stick, called Warrior's AxySym technology. The Senior stick length is 61" and is available in 75, 85, and 100 flex with a Velvet Touch and Slick Grip finish. 

  • Warrior Dynasty AX5 Hockey Sticks Sr L

    The Warrior Dynasty AX5 Hockey Sticks are the entry level model out of the Dynasty line up making it perfect for that casual or beginner player. It features excellent technologies, especially at this price point. The traditional mid-kick flex profile provides this stick with booming power for those smoking wrist and slap shots. The Senior stick length is 61" and is available in 85 with a clear stick finish. 

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