Inline Warehouse carries all of the Skate Tools, Bearing Cleaners, Bearing Lubricants and any other roller hockey skate accessories you might ever need! These sorts of extras are a necessity for players looking to get the most of what they have and to make what they have last.

Skate Tools, Bearing Lube & Accessories

  • The CCM Roller Hockey Skate Bearing & Axle Tool is a simple skate tool that makes changing out your wheels or tightening your axles a breeze. The 4mm hex sits on a longer rod for better leverage, making it easier to loosen those tough axles. The T-handle has a bearing pusher on the end to push out those bearings and spacers with ease.

  • Similar to the ever popular Sonic Pro Tool, but a bit bigger. Has a good weight to it and is easy to handle with the bigger size. Equipped with bearing pusher, 5/32" allen wrench and Phillips head. Having a tool like this makes changing rollerblade bearings and/or rotating your inline skate wheels easy.


  • Turbo-Thread locker is like that of other brands you may have heard of such as Loctite, but at a more economical price. This handy 2mm tube makes for easy application to mounting bolts on skates or even skate axles giving you issues. This is not a permanent application so you'll be able to loosen bolts and axles when wanting.

  • From the most respected brand of bearings, comes the Bones Speed Cream lubricant. Helps to keep bearings super fast and lasting longer, as well as reducing wear and providing rust resistance. 

  • Sonic Super Oil lubricates skate bearings and coats them uniformly to increase speed and free spin. 100% synthetic oil with no fossil fuels to allow for a long last that won't dry out. A must have for anyone that services their bearings. 


  • High quality bearing synthetic oil. OUST oil bottle comes with a needle top for easy application. Just slide the needle between the race and seal and squeeze.

  • The Speed Clean Bearing Wash System is the fastest method for cleaning bearings with no damage to bearing races or carriages. Kit comes complete with washing container, bearing holder and cleaning solvent. Intended for use with 8mm bearings.


  • The washing machine for skate bearings. Prolongs the life of your bearing and makes them spin like new. Dirty bearings are loaded, agitated and then emerge spotless. Fast and easy to use. 

  • This is the same bearing cleaning solution you would find in the Sonic Turbo Wash. This is replacement cleaner that you may use for that wash, the Bones cleaning unit or whichever other cleaning container you may be using.


  • A great device to save you money and mess when cleaning your bearings. Comes with easty to follow instructions and works well with any cleaning agent you choose.

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