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Seba continues to offer top of the line slalom skating, but has included fitness and training skates to the lineup. The Freeride and Urban Skates are designed for recreational inline skating and can be used for a variety of activites, including alternative transportation, and is one of the most popular category of Seba skates. Snug and responsive, Seba skates are sized unisex, but displayed in men's sizing. Based off EU sizing, both men and women should reference the Seba specific size chart to locate their size.

Seba Slalom and Pro Model Inline Skates

Seba slalom and pro model skates are designed for high performance slalom, freestyle, or dance skating. They feature stiff and supportive boots for opitmal power transfer, high quality construction and materials, as well as multiple adjustments options to ensure you get the best fit possible.

Seba Gran Turismo (GT) Inline Skates

Seba Gran Turismo (GT) skates are intermediate level skates that are for use in any situation, whether it be urban transportation, fitness, or recreational, the GT skates offer larger wheels and better preformance boots to give you more speed as you want it!
  • The Seba Marathon 100 Inline Skates are the next entry for Seba into the large wheel inline skate category and they offer many great features that will appeal to speed skaters or high end fitness skaters looking for a quality speed skate.

    Sizes Available: 8.5, 10.0, 11.0, 11.5
  • The Seba GT90 Inline Skates are designed for Gran Tourism and are great for recreation and/or fitness inline skaters that want to have fun while getting fit. This skate features 82A hardness wheels with ILQ9 bearings and the shell can be customized with Seba's available color kits.

  • The Seba GTX84 Urban Inline Fitness Skates are great for city and fitness skating with its lightweight and comfortable design. The GTX series skates are the entry level models of the Seba GT line and have the control needed to perform well. The Seba GTX84 is a good choice for those looking to get into slalom or freestyle skating. Frames are laterally adjustable from side to side to customize and get the edge and control desired.


  • Seba reinvents the fitness or cross-training commuter skate with it 2012 Seba GTS90 skates. Equipped with 90mm wheels for more speed, the GTS gets its design from the Seba High model. The Seba GTS is supportive and versatile with its design to be more comfortable without giving up responsiveness. The GTS90 has the look of an urban skate, but the speed of a fitness skate.

    Sizes Available: 7.5

Seba Freeride (FR) Inline Skates

Seba Freeride (FR) skates have average size wheels, short frame bases, and comfortable liners so that you can enjoy every minute of skating. Beginner to intermediate skaters will enjoy the boot and liner combinations, while expert level skaters can still get something that will perform at higher levels.
  • This version of the Seba FR1 80 Urban Inline Skates has been changed slightly to produce an all black colorway of Seba's most popular choice for freestyle, dance or slalom skaters featuring improved shell design that has a wider opening to allow a large range of motion without sacrificing support.

  • The Seba FR2 80 Urban Inline Skates are great entry level Seba skates for those looking to start out in freestyle, dance or slalom skating.  For 2013 they are improved with a new shell design that has a wider opening to make them more comfortable and easier to get in and out of. The frames and liners were also updated. The FR2 is responsive and works well with skating cones, through traffic or maneuvering the streets. The boots are rigid plastic with replaceable abrasive pads.

    Running change to matte black hardware and black wheels. 

  • The Seba FRX80 Urban Freestyle skates are based on the popular Seba FR1 model and has the same shell and liner, but with a standard aluminum frame. It has a wider opening where the laces are for comfort and ease to get on and off. Great for urban, rink or recreational skating. The FRX80 is sturdy, stable, affordable and will help you nail down some new moves.


  • The Seba Trix 2 Inline Fitness Skates are designed for slalom, freestyle or urban skating and are a great mid-range boot for those that want more performance without costing much more.

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