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SALE Roller Hockey Wheels

  • The Labeda Addiction Hockey Wheels offer a new concept in wheel making. The Addiction wheel is an indoor wheel designed for tile surfaces (ie Sport Court), but it has an outer urethane hardness between 83-86A! That's right, an indoor wheel with an outer hardness harder than most outdoor wheels.  So you know the durability and the speed is going to be incredible with these wheels and they should be at this price.  The question is though, how's the grip?  Well, that's where Labeda's top secret urethane combinations and inner core design take over and deliver unbelieved grip.  These Addiction hockey wheels grip more than some of the softest wheels on the market!  The Labeda Addiction wheel offers unsurpassed, all-around speed and grip. Best of all, Labeda is family owned and their wheels are produced right here in USA.

    Colors: 1
  • Limited Edition Labeda Addiction Wheels are at InlineWarehouse for a short time only. These limited edition versions have the same construction as the original 608 Addiction wheel, but showcase custom color schemes. The black Addiction wheel is used on the Bauer APXR skate and the green Addiction wheel is featured on the Reebok 11K skate.

    Colors: 1
  • The Labeda Dynasty III , AKA D3, wheel features a new Dynasty core and uses a more advanced urethane.  The Dynasty Core offers more flex allowing the wheel to flatten in turns, widening its surface area, providing maximum gripping power.  The Dynasty continues to be a triple durometer urethane construction to get the right balance of grip and speed.  The D3 uses the same advanced urethane as the Addiction wheel, just layered differently to really focus on grip.

    Colors: 3
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