Inline Warehouse have a good variety of Roller Hockey Chassis and Hockey Frames. These products generally come in two different materials; Aluminum Frames are the most cost effective while the Magnesium Frames are significantly lighter and stronger. The Hi-Lo Chassis use a staggered design with taller wheels in the rear and shorter wheels in the front for an aggressive angle of attack while the others use the same size wheel front to back for maximum surface contact for explosive power.
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Roller Hockey Chassis

  • The HI-LO Vanguard Magnesium Roller Hockey Frames are the supreme choice for replacement frames on the market. The frame is constructed of a magnesium alloy that is the lightest material used today, it just so happens to be extremely strong too. The frame runs (2) 76mm wheels in the front and (2) 80mm wheels in the rear providing excellent skating and stopping power. This kit also comes with bearing spacers for standard and micro hub wheels so any set-up will be ready to roll.


  • The Hi-Lo Aluminum Roller Hockey Chassis is a cost-effective replacement frame that features the most popular wheel set-up in the game. The Hi-Lo aluminum frame holds (2) 76mm wheels in the front with (2) 80mm wheels in the rear. This one of a kind set up give players an aggressive angle of attack for better agility, power and balance. Included with the chassis are a full kit of bearing spacers for both standard and micro hub wheels. 

  • The Alkali RPD Magnesium Roller Hockey Chassis are one of the lightest frames available on the market. The Alkali RPD frame is constructed of a fully extruded magnesium alloy and holds (4) 80mm wheels for maximum grip and power. Since it is set up to utilize wheels of the same height, this Alkali chassis can be used by goalies as well. Another key feature is that no dremeling of the outsole is necessary because it will direct mount to all skates.


  • Get the edge on the competition with these Labeda Humer Eviction Roller Hockey Chassis. Considered one of the dominating chassis used in roller hockey, the Humer Eviction frames are constructed of engineered aircraft aluminum, providing top notch performance. Labeda designed these frames to use an all 80mm wheel set up, but it will also allow for 47mm, 59mm, 72mm and 76mm wheels as well.

  • The Labeda Predator 8000 Goalie Roller Hockey Chassis is a Goalie specific frame designed to lower the goalies center of gravity and improve agility. The Predator goalie chassis accommodates five matching wheels up to size 59mm.

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