Razors is a leading manufacturer of high end skate equipment. Together with an elite team of professional skaters, Razors has been setting the trends in both skating and technology for over 10 years.

Looking for a more customized Razors aggressive inline skate? Check out our Custom Skate Builder where you can combine any available boot, frame, wheel and bearing setup of your choice for that truly unique skate.

Traditional Tapered Contoured Traditional Tapered Contoured

Razors Complete Skate Packages

  • The Razors Genesys G11 Aggressive Skates are designed to provided all the great features that Razors skates have offered, without breaking the bank! The Genesys G11 skates come complete with Ground Control FLT3 frames, outfitted with Razors Team 56mm, 90A wheels in an anti rocker setup, giving you a skate that's ready to roll right out of the box!

  • The Razors Cult Street Aggressive Inline Skates Navy Blue are the latest model of Razors' most popular skate design, which has been enjoying a renewed popularity among aggressive skaters. Based off the Shima 2 & 3, the Cult Street Navy offers a slim shape and tight fight, giving the skater excellent control and capability.

  • Made for up and coming roll-groms, the Razor Genesys Junior Adjustable Aggressive Kid's Skates feature Ground Control anti-rockered frames, replaceable backslide plate and adjustable to four sizes. Improvements on the liner, heel support and buckles are new for this release and helps novice skaters adjust to the rigorous demands of aggressive skating. Perfect for your junior steez-monster.


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