OUST MET-OL Metalic Bearing Oil 1/2 Oz
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OUST MET-OL Metalic Bearing Oil 1/2 Oz

High quality bearing synthetic oil. OUST oil bottle comes with a needle top for easy application. Just slide the needle between the race and seal and squeeze.

  • Oust Speed Oil is a prepriortory lubricant manufactured from straight chain Carbon molecules with at least 6 carbon atoms being used as a boundary layer lubricant
  • Under high temperature created from frictional drag these Molecules form a metelic soap which become a tenacious lubricant film of increased viscosity to reduce the wear in the boundry region
  • All OUST MOC Series Bearings come lubricated from the manufacture with Oust Speed Oil
  • Comes with a needle top - Needle slides between the race and seal on the OUST bearings for EASY application
  • Can be used with other brand bearings
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Comments: This stuff plain rocks !!! I used it for some Bones Reds on inline hockey skates and they spin quietly and super fast and forever !!! Always do a proper bearing cleaning before using to include removing the shield, solvent soak, then dry and blow out any moisture or fine dirt with compressed air gun. Add this magic juice and you'll be rocket fast !!!
From: Robbie, Warrenton, VA

Comments: I have had no problems with this lubricant. Makes my bearings spin fast and smooth. the needle tip is great for sticking through gaps in the metal shield on the bearing, but the tip bent and broke, so if you get this product, protect the needle tip! I have not compared this lubricant to any others, but it worked for me. (also, in case you don't know, half and ounce is practically nothing. the bottle fits in my palm to give you an idea!)

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