Nordic Air Tires

    • Sizes: 150mm
    • Type: All-Terrain
    • PSI: 90 PSI (6.2 Bar)

    Powerslide Nordic Air Tires are used on Nordic frames and are not compatible with standard inline frames (they are too wide, they won't fit, don't try it!). Designed to transition seamlessly from road to trail to take you places you never knew skates could go!

    • Sizes: 125mm
    • Type: All-Terrain
    • PSI: 85 PSI (5.9 Bar)


    The Powerslide Nordic Road Warrior Air Tire (Each) is an individually sold replacement wheel that is usable for any nordic, all-terrain, or off-road skates and roller-skis that accept 125mm wheel size. Tube included.

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