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Kaltik Skate Frames

  • Kaltik Nylon Flat Aggressive Skate Frames have an original design with an expanded H-Block area that extends to cover the inside wheels. How do you make them better? Go BIGGER! These frames support up to 61mm wheels in all 4 positions. Get the speed for any trick you can throw up. Kaltik frames lock in quick, slide fast and can take a beating!

  • Also known as the Stealth Frame, the Kaltik Freestyle Aggressive Skate Frame has been popular overseas and comes straight from Ireland to give you a smooth, fast freestyle grinding frame. The middle grind area has very sharp edges and angles which helps the skater lock in and stay locked during grind. This also helps the skater find the correct balance point and manage it better. Made of durable and polished material, these frames will slide and grind quickly, but feel soft enough to provide grip on already smooth surfaces such as rails.

    Colors: 6
  • Coming from the Emerald Isle, the Kaltik Pro Team Aggressive Skate Frames are unique in their design. They feature an expanded H-Block area that has been extended to cover the inner profile of the inside wheels.  This helps reduce wheel drag and rub when grinding so that you can ride flat without the hassle and worry of eating it mid-grind.

    Colors: 7
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