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Inline Speed Boots (also known as inline race boots or inline race shoes) are designed for advanced to pro inline skaters. Performance is increased through features built into the skates, and the lower cut profile in the ankle. The profile is much lower than recreational inline boots. The increased range in motion allows more edge on the wheels. Inline race boots are made extremely stiff and most require heat-molding to obtain a correct and comfortable fit. High-tech resins and carbon material are often used to maximize strength and stiffness while reducing the weight.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to reference the brand specific sizing chart to determine size. Each brand is sized differently. Speed boots are sized unisex. Your correct boot size likely will not match that of your shoe size. The more snug the boot, the more efficient the power transfer. How snug depends on one's personal preference. Sizing charts have a snug and responsive fit in mind. Should you be seeking more comfort or have a wide foot, IW recommends ordering up to the next 1/2 size.

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Bont Inline Speed Boots

  • The Bont Vaypor inline race boots have won the World Inline Cup as well as many World Championship gold medals. Equipped with front bumpers that has air vents with mesh, a super comfy tongue and memory foam padding. Super Mold technology allows you to to obtain a custom fit from a stock boot. One pair left in US9.0 - Priced to sell.  Never skated but has quarter size scuff on one heel due to poor packaging from Bont.

    • 3pf 195mm (mounts 195mm & Bont 3PF)

    Sizes Available:
  • Bont Z Inline Speed Boots remind us that all speed boots are not the same. Made with a 3k plain weave carbon fiber composite base, the Bont Z gives you the stiffness and ultra light weight you would find on the feet of World Cup skaters. Bont's Super Mold Technology ensures a fit for comfort and performance. Under the liners is a high quality memory foam that is 3mm thick and 50A in hardness so that your energy doesn't get absorbed by the boot.

    • 2pt 195mm Mount
    • 3pt Mount
    • 3pt195 Mount
  • The Bont Jet Inline Speed Boots have been a long-time favorite for speed skating enthusiasts. In 2011, Bont improved upon this great skate by making it even more supportive and comfortable than before. Made by hand using Bont's unique one-piece manufacturing technique, these are powerful skates meant for serious skaters that demand the highest performance from their skates.

    • 2pt 195mm Mount
    • 3pt Mount
    • 3pt195 Mount
  • Bont Cheetah inline speed boots provide an economical way to get into high performance race boots. The Bont Cheetah is comfortable, supportive and features great quality components. A great value at this price being a moldable, light weight fiberglass racing boot. This version in a sharp looking black with white color scheme with choices of 2pt or 3pt mounting.

Powerslide Inline Speed Boots

  • The Powerslide Icon Inline Speed Boots are the top of the line from Powerslide's Core series of boots. Traditional speed boot design meets advanced construction materials and the Icon speed boots offer the highest amount of power and response found in the Core Powerslide Racing collection. 100% carbon shell with 12K carbon outer layer provides great response and stride potential, while the Bionic Bridge Design and Waterdrop Suprafiber lining ensure optimal comfort without sacrificing capability. The micro buckle system has been combined with the asymmetrical lacing, which will ensure the terrific fit necessary for those intense races and workouts.

  • The Powerslide Triple X boots, also called XXX², are part of the Powerslide advanced Core level skates. Designed with a carbon fiber outer shell and the Smart Shell sole, the Triple X² boots are reinforced throughout the skaters foot to enable maximum power transfer and stability. The micro adjustment buckle will allow for a more secure fit while reducing pressure on the top arch. 

  • The Powerslide R2 Inline Speed Skates are back for 2013 with few changes to an already great skate. A full composite, reinforced nylon shell as been designed with Powerslide's Skeleton Concept design meaning you get extreme strength and stiffness with very low weight. Powerslide loves to skate, and they hope you do to, so they integrated an airflow system to improve clima in the shoe, resulting in better performance. This is a short cuff speed skate, so expect less support than the little brother from Powerslide, the R4, but the cuff is still soft and yielding, improving upon the comfort of the skate. This is a great boot for strong intermediate to advanced skaters looking to get into the speed skating world.

  • The Powerslide R4 Inline Speed Boots are the little brother to the R2. Both are Powerslide's entry-points into the speed skating world with the R4 using a higher cut boot than the R2. Using fiberglass reinforced nylon instead of carbon, the boots allow more give and comfort. The cuff is softer and more forgiving than Powerslide's higher end boots.

    Sizes Available: 6.0, 7.0, 7.5, 8.0, 10.5, 12.5

Luigino Inline Speed Boots

  • The Luigino Bolt Inline Racing Boots are designed for the pure racer. Luigino's most extraordinary boots with undoubtedly the most technologically advanced performance features available. Click image for more information. 

  • The Luigino Challenge Inline Speed Boots are widely recognized as the best fitting performance boots in the world. New for 2012, the Challenge now features all of Luigino's advanced boot technologies, such as ProBack cuff, high-density sole padding, thermafiber construction, and Luigino's proprietary Barefoot design. 

  • The Luigino Sting inline race boots. Features the new AquaTech molding, Proback Technology and much more. They are full of features at an affordable price. Great for indoors, outdoors, marathons, training... The Luigino Sting offers the technology and comfort to help you achieve your goals. Designed with an open toe box for control and comfort.

    Sizes Available: 7.0
  • For 2014, the Luigino Strut Inline Speed Boots are colored with green highlights and are still regarded as the favorite among Luigino's speed boot offerings. A great performance boot at an affordable price, the Strut offers additional support as it is 5mm higher than Luigino's other inline speed boots. This allows the Strut to work well for all types and styles of skaters, even world class skaters have praised the Strut. Strut's ankle Powerstraps keep the heel-cup in position to ensure a prolonged and overall better fit of the shoe.

Rollerblade Inline Speed Boots

  • The Rollerblade Racemachine Limited Edition (LE) takes it one step further. Rollerblade again teamed up with folks at Luigino Racing to design a speed boot for high level skaters wanting a high level of performance. The Racemachine LE uses asymetrical lacing to help wrap the foot for increased power transmission. Fully heat moldable for a personalized fit with anti-torsion reinforcement to transfer energy directly to the frames with 195mm mount spacing.

    Sizes Available: 10.0
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