Inline Speed Boots (also known as inline race boots or inline race shoes) are designed for advanced to pro inline skaters. Performance is increased through features built into the skates, and the lower cut profile in the ankle. The profile is much lower than recreational inline boots. The increased range in motion allows more edge on the wheels. Inline race boots are made extremely stiff and most require heat-molding to obtain a correct and comfortable fit. High-tech resins and carbon material are often used to maximize strength and stiffness while reducing the weight.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to reference the brand specific sizing chart to determine size. Each brand is sized differently. Speed boots are sized unisex. Your correct boot size likely will not match that of your shoe size. The more snug the boot, the more efficient the power transfer. How snug depends on one's personal preference. Sizing charts have a snug and responsive fit in mind. Should you be seeking more comfort or have a wide foot, IW recommends ordering up to the next 1/2 size.
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Bont Inline Speed Boots

Bont is an industry leader having assisted many to become World Champions, Olympic Champions and to win the World Inline Cup. The inventor of heat moldable boots, Bont boots are hand built around the last using their unique 'one-piece manufacturing'.

Being a hand-made process, if a boot is out of stock wait times can vary (depends on season and production schedules).

Production times are typically 4-6 weeks, but worth the wait.
  • Bont Z Inline Speed Boots remind us that all speed boots are not the same. Made with a 3k plain weave carbon fiber composite base, the Bont Z gives you the stiffness and ultra light weight you would find on the feet of World Cup skaters. Bont's Super Mold Technology ensures a fit for comfort and performance. Under the liners is a high quality memory foam that is 3mm thick and 50A in hardness so that your energy doesn't get absorbed by the boot.

    • Offered in 2pt 195 or 3pt Mount options.
    • Choose from 2pt 195mm or 3pt Mounts
  • The Bont Jet Inline Speed Boots have been a long-time favorite for speed skating enthusiasts. Updated over the years to be even more supportive and comfortable than before, it continues to be a top seller. Made by hand using Bont's unique one-piece manufacturing technique, these powerful skates are meant for serious skaters demanding the highest performance from their skates. Carbon and fiberglass construction is hand laid around memory foam to be light and strong. Anti stretch tapes used to prevent boot stretch over time.

    • Both 2pt 195 and 3pt Mount Options Available
  • The Bont Enduro Inline Speed Boots use Bont's Super Mold Technology which combines Bont's thermo moldable resin with thermoplastic. What? This means you can mold in your oven to your specific foot shape and skate comfortably for hours on end. Constucted with a combination of carbon fiber and fiber glass. 

    • Choose from 2pt 195mm or 3pt Mounts
  • The Bont Semi-Race Inline Speed boots have improved boot construction from the original Semi Race. This newer version has toe bumpers and aims to offer the comfort of a trainer, but the performance of a speed skate. Still used are Bont's famous one-piece construction with carbon composite base along Bont's proprietary 3pt mounting.

Powerslide Inline Speed Boots

Powerslide offers a good selection, from high quality inline race skates to everyday fitness inline skates. Powerslide inline speed skates and boots cater to the more advanced skater looking take it to the next level. They are designed to fit snug to maximize energy transfer and performance. You can find a variety of urban, freestyle, and fitness inline skates as well that offer comfortable, stylish boots that are durable and capable.

  • The Powerslide R2 Inline Speed Boots are a great choice for strong skaters looking for the next progression toward inline speed skating. The R2 is one of Powerslide's entry point boots, offering more support through a higher cuff than traditional speed boots (not as high as the R4). 

  • The Powerslide R4 Inline Speed Boots are the big brother to the R2. Both are entry-points into speed skating and both have higher cuffs than a traditional speed boot. The R4 however, is considerably higher between the two and offers added support and stability. Deciding between them will depend on one's comfort level and desire for that extra support. As comfortable and responsive as they are, don't be surprised if you no longer desire to move on to a lower-cut inline speed boot.

Luigino Inline Speed Boots

Luigino Inline Speed Skates and boots are designed to fit snug to maximize energery transfer and performance. Be sure to reference the Luigino specific sizing chart for foot measurement instructions. Sized unisex, your Luigino skate size will likely not be the same as your traditional shoe size. Heat-molding will be required to obtain a proper and comfortable fit. The more snug the boot, the more efficient the energy transfer. How snug will depend on one's personal preference. The size chart aims toward a snug and responsive fit. Should you be seeking more comfort or have a wide foot, IW recommends ordering up to the next 1/2 size.

  • The Luigino Bolt Inline Racing Boots are designed for the pure racer. Luigino's most extraordinary boots with undoubtedly the most technologically advanced performance features available. Click image for more information. 

  • Blaze, like that of the Bolt, features Pro-E sole integrated technology which allows the foot to relax into the boot rather than sit "on top" of the sole. The Blaze boots are designed with the AquaTech molding capability, allowing the skater the best customized fit possible.

  • The Luigino Challenge Inline Speed Boots are widely recognized as the best fitting performance boots in the world. New for 2012, the Challenge now features all of Luigino's advanced boot technologies, such as ProBack cuff, high-density sole padding, thermafiber construction, and Luigino's proprietary Barefoot design. 

    Sizes Available: EU 42
  • Luigino Strut Inline Speed Boots are colored with green highlights and are still regarded as the favorite among Luigino's speed boot offerings. A great performance boot at an affordable price, the Strut offers additional support as it is 5mm higher than Luigino's other inline speed boots. 

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