Inline Speed Boots (also known as inline race boots or inline race shoes) are designed for advanced to pro inline skaters. Performance is increased through features built into the skates, and the lower cut profile in the ankle. The profile is much lower than recreational inline boots. The increased range in motion allows more edge on the wheels. Inline race boots are made extremely stiff and most require heat-molding to obtain a correct and comfortable fit. High-tech resins and carbon material are often used to maximize strength and stiffness while reducing the weight.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to reference the brand specific sizing chart to determine size. Each brand is sized differently. Speed boots are sized unisex. Your correct boot size likely will not match that of your shoe size. The more snug the boot, the more efficient the power transfer. How snug depends on one's personal preference. Sizing charts have a snug and responsive fit in mind. Should you be seeking more comfort or have a wide foot, IW recommends ordering up to the next 1/2 size.
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