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Hockey Stick Training Accessories

  • The A&R 16oz Hockey Stick Weight is your ideal strength training tool that will increase your shot velocity and help you develop stronger and faster hands. The extra weight is significant, which helps you develop extra strength so when it comes to game time you'll be firing harder shots and be stronger on the puck.

  • Shoot and stickhandle off-ice with your composite, game-day sticks by using the Hockey Wrap Around One Blade Protector. This ultimate off-ice training tool quickly attaches to composite or wood blades, thereby protecting the edges that would otherwise breakdown and fall apart on rough outdoor surfaces.

  • The FWD PowerShot 2 Hockey Stick Sensor is the future of shooting training, on and off the ice. This second-gen sensor is lighter, more compact, more accurate and process data at a faster speed than the original. The PowerShot 2 weighs 35 grams and is inserted through the butt end of any hockey stick (including senior, intermediate and junior) so that it can measure the power, the speed, the amplitude and the swing of your shot. When used in conjunction with the app, the sensor can wirelessly communicate up to 5,000 shots with a cell phone via bluetooth. Once the shots have been uploaded, the FWD Sportscard app neatly displays meaningful info like stick speed, flex gain, duration, angle, weight transfer and rotation speed. 


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