Traveling from rink to rink with your sticks loose is a good way to get them damaged. IW Hockey can help you protect your investment with Hockey Stick Bags. You can store up to 6 sticks in a normal stick bag and 36 sticks in a hockey stick wheel bag so you can keep your sticks safe whether you're traveling to a tournament by car or if you're flying and need to make sure they don't break in transit.

Hockey Stick Bags

  • The Bauer S14 Hockey Stick Bag is a durable stick bag that will protect your twigs. Carrying up to 3 player sticks, you can take every one of your weapons with you without having to worry about damaging them during travel.

  • The Easton Player Hockey Stick Bag makes traveling with hockey sticks simple. It carries up to 4 senior hockey sticks with an ID window so it's easy to identify your sticks. The blade compartment is constructed of a PVC coated 600D that protects the blade.

    Colors: 1
  • The Warrior Covert Hockey Stick Bag features a padded blade for extra travel reinforcement. It uses a 600 denier construction for sturdiness on the long travel days, and nylon straps for easy transportation. The Warrior stick bag adjusts in length to cater to the shorter sticks with a nylon adjustment strap.

  • The Warrior Covert QR Hockey Stick Bag is just what you need to easily transport your stick while keeping them out of harm's way. The tough 600 denier nylon prevents any cuts, tears or abrasions and the padded blade pocket keeps your weapons of choice intact. An adjustable nylon strap allows you to adjust the size of the stick bag.

    Colors: 1
  • The IW hockey stick bag is the most innovative stick bag available! The stick bag features 2 internal accessory pockets designed to hold replacement blades, tape, pucks & more. The stick bag holds up to 4 player sticks OR 3 goalie sticks. InlineWarehouse on one side... IceWarehouse on the other. Available only at IW!

    Size: 59" (top to heel) + 13.5" (blade compartment)  x 6" (overall width)


  • The Stick Vault makes carrying 2 sticks as easy as carrying 1. Protects blades as well as items that come in contact with the gummy black stick tape that can mark up car interiors, walls,...

  • The Bauer S14 Team Hockey Stick Wheel Bag keeps your entire team's twigs protected while traveling from rink to rink. Constructed from tough polyester, this bag can withstand any harsh environment. The wheels make it easy to transport so you're getting protection wherever your team goes. Carries up to 50 sticks.

  • The CCM Team Hockey Stick Wheel Bag carries up to 70 hockey sticks in the heavy duty tarpaulin stick bag. It features reinforced carry straps on top and with pull handles on each end to easily transport the bag on its all-terrain tires.  

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