Not having to worry about pulling up your shin guards makes sure you have a solid fit and you don't have to worry about losing protection from a sliding shin guard, so IW Hockey carries Hockey Shin Guard Tape & Straps to give you the confidence that your hockey shin guards won't slide.
Traditional Tapered Contoured Traditional Tapered Contoured

Hockey Shin Guard Tape & Straps

  • Renfrew's Shin Guard Hockey Tape Assorted Colors is quality shin guard tape that's ideal for securing and stabilizing protective shin guards. Renfrew superior Polyflex™ tape technology. The toughest tape on the rink! Same great quality as the Renfrew clear shin tape, just available in colors to match any uniform.



    Colors: 8
  • Comp O Stik Clear Hockey Shin Guard Tape from New York is quality, long lasting tape with just the right amount of stretch to keep your shin guards secure and stable during play.

    Colors: 1
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