Need a portable bag that you can take from game to game that will keep your referee gear separated and neat? Look no further as IW Hockey carries a variety of Hockey Referee Gear Bags. These bags keep your gear game ready so you can take this wherever you're needed. These bags have plenty of pockets for your skates, jerseys, pants, and any hockey accessory you have.
Traditional Tapered Contoured Traditional Tapered Contoured

Hockey Referee Gear Bags

  • The CCM Hockey Official's Referee Wheel Bag is perfectly designed to fit the referee's equipment and keep it organized to the ref's preferences. It features a 2 compartment design, so as to keep the gear organized or isolate any potential odors to keep the rest smelling fresh.

  • The CCM Hockey Referee Carry Bag features a removable compartment divider to keep the official's equipment organized inside the bag. Additionally, the base is solid to help the bag retain its shape and protect the valuable contents inside.

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