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Wanna outfit your helmet with sweet decals or need replacement parts for your helmet? Look no further as IW Hockey carries Hockey Helmet Accessories to give you exactly what you need for your hockey helmet. We carry decals for you helmet, anti-fog sprays for visors, helmet repair kits, and replacement ear loops, chin cups, chin straps, and ear pieces.

Hockey Helmet Accessories

  • The Bauer NG 37.5 Performance Skull Cap is a great choice to wear under your helmet to absorb sweat and keep your hair out of your face. This next generation skullcap uses 37.5™ technology which utilizes your body heat to evaporate moisture from the surrounding fabric. Any fabric infused with 37.5™ dry up to 5 times faster than other similar fabric. The infused anti-odor feature prevents any long-term odor formation. 

    Colors: 1
  • The Under Armour Original Helmet Skull Cap utilizes HeatGear® fabric, a moisture wicking material that is quick to dry. This compression fitting skullcap also features a Jacquard sweatband to help keep sweat from entering the eyes during play.

    Colors: 1
  • The A&R Ventilated Skull Cap has a comfortable compression fit, which helps prevent sweat from getting into your eyes and keeps your head extremely refreshed! The Ventilated Skull Cap consists of high quality materials that are sure to last!

  • The SportStar Player Number Helmet Decals are intended but not limited to putting your number on the back of your helmet. Includes one sheet of numbers as shown in each package. Total of 13 digits. These are the same brand decals that are used on the player's helmets in the NHL. 


    Colors: 5
  • The SportStar Vendor Cover Up Blank Helmet Decals go over the manufacturer's logo on the sides and front of your hockey helmet. Combined with the NHL team decals, the cover tabs give your helmet a sleek, professional look. 

    Colors: 5
  • The SportStar Hockey Helmet Combo Award Decal Set is perfect for any coach. Award players at the end of a game for their achievemnts during play. Included in the pack are stickers for the all-star, the sniper, the bruiser, the goalie, and bonus hat trick and shutout stickers. These helmet decals are the same ones the NHL players use!

  • The SportStar Hockey Helmet Star Award Decal Sets are a great way to reward your players for the hard work they do on the ice. With multiple colors, you can allocate shutouts, goals, assists or hat tricks to each color. SportStar is a decal supplier to the NHL.

    Colors: 4
  • The SportStar Hockey Helmet USA Flag Decal Sets are a great way to show off your patriotism.  These decals fit perfectly on any size helmet, and with a pack of 12 you can share with the whole team. The decals are manufactured by SportsStar, a supplier to the NHL.

  • The Reebok Custom 11K Helmet Stickers are a great way to add a custom look to your 11K bucket. The stickers can be used for adding a little flare or to match your team's specific color scheme. This sticker kit is a complete set for a single 11K helmet, including 9 stickers total to re-color every carbon insert. Installation is a breeze, simple peel and stick the new decals over the old ones and you'll be stylin' in no time. The 11K decal kits are also a great option for teams looking for uniform helmet colors.

    Colors: 1
  • The Reebok Custom Helmet stickers work perfect to customize your Reebok helmet and give it a unique look. Transforms a boring looking Reebok helmet to a team specific helmet. Pick up the Reebok helmet stickers to freshin' up that on ice look. Makes a great gift!

    Colors: 1
  • The IW Hockey Deluxe Helmet Bag will help you protect and store all your helmet accessories.  Constructed of a soft microfiber, the bag will help protect your helmet and visors from scratches.  A zippered mesh pocket is located on one side allowing easy access to commonly used helmet accessories, like visor anti-fog sprays, shammys, mouthguard cases, etc.

  • The A&R Velour Helmet Bag is ideal for any player who wants to keep their helmet in good condition. The high quality velour material is very soft and has a microfiber-like feel that helps to prevent the helmet's shell or visor from getting scratched. When not being used to hold a helmet, it can also double as an accessory bag to hold all of your additional hockey gear needs. The easy to use drawstring closure system allows for the bag to be securely closed and opened in seconds while the sublimated A&R graphics give it a great look that will be sure to last.

  • The Bauer Hockey Helmet Bag is perfect for any player or goalie who is looking to keep their bucket looking clean. The helmet bag is made of a soft, microfiber-like material that will keep helmets and visors from getting scratched. While there is no padding in it, this lightweight bag is easy to use with the simple drawstring enclosure system.

  • The disposable NoSweat Helmet Sweat Absorbing Liner 3-Pack is great for any player who's experienced sweat burning their eyes, blurred vision, fogged visors or bad acne from sweat bacteria. The NoSweat Liner works by absorbing sweat with the patented Dri-LID™ Technology while No Scent™ Technology that extinguishes odors and bacteria.  Application is a breeze, simply remove the backing to expose the adhesive and stick the NoSweat Band to the liner of ANY helmet or hat to enjoy a sweat-free, sanitary experience. 

  • The Mission SweatHog 2 Helmet Sweatband is the replacement sweatband for the Mission Inhaler Helmet. This washable and removable sweatband helps to keep sweat from painfully dripping into a players eyes during a heated game. Replacing them is easy and quick, simply remove the old sweatband and pop the two tabs on the new one into the front portion of the liner. Once installed, it will be managing moisture at the first sight of sweat.

  • The Hockey Visor Shammy Cloth is perfect for keeping in your bag and making sure your visor is looking crystal clear.

    Colors: 1
  • The OT Shield Wiping Cloth is made of a long-lasting high-quality soft Microfiber, and cleans fog, sweat, water, dirt and grime off hockey visors. Oversized cloth makes cleaning fast and easy.

  • The Bauer Fog Free Cloths 2-Pack are advanced cleaning cloths that clean and rejuvenates a hockey shield in a few swipes.  The advanced fog prevention formula applies a new coat of anti-fog solution and forms a barrier that protects against elements like dust and oily substances.  Quick and simple to do.  Each package consist of 1 wipe which is good for 1 use.

  • The A&R helmet repair kit offers all of the essential pieces to fix most all hockey helmets.  Comes in a small secure case perfect for throwing it in the bag for those emergency situations.


  • Have a screw loose? The emergency kit allows easy & quick repairs. Comes with all the screws, snaps, etc... 

  • The Ice Skate & Helmet Repair Kit consists of one toolbox that is equipped with all the fundamental hockey necessities. Don't waste time trying to find loose parts in your hockey bag! Players always need to be game time ready with the perfect ice skate and helmet repair kit.

  • Standard replacement helmet screw. For attaching J Hooks, Visors, or to simply replace old rusty screws. Give your helmet some chrome! Includes screw and backing, sold individually.

    Colors: 2
  • The Hockey Helmet Cage Top Hinge Clips are the replacement pieces for senior and junior helmet cages. These pieces attach the facemask to the top of the helmet, right above the brow line. Once the cage is properly attached to the helmet, the top clips allow the facemask to pivot or flip upwards once the side buckles are detached. 

    Colors: 2
  • The Bauer RE-AKT Hockey Helmet Ear Loops are replacement ear loops for your Bauer RE-AKT helmet.  The angled ear loops provides the accurate angle to help secure the chin strap into position for proper fit.

    Colors: 2
  • The Bauer Helmet Replacement Ear Covers are designed for each helmet specifically and can replace old, broken or lost ear covers. Each ear cover is made from molded Surlyn with a padded strip on the bottom for comfort and protection. Sold in pairs. Hardware for installation included.

    Colors: 5
  • The Easton Helmet Replacement Ear Covers are the replacements for your Easton E600 and E700 helmets. They are constructed of a strong plastic to provide great ear protection and the inside is covered with a comfort foam.

    Colors: 2
  • The Bauer Helmet Cage Replacement Chin Cups feature a variety of chin cups made to replace old, broken or lost chin cups. Just loop the perforated taps around the nearest vertical bar, clip them together and you're all set. One chin cup included.

    Colors: 1
  • The Easton E700/E500 Hockey Cage Chin Cups are replacement chin cups for your Easton E700 and E500 cages. This chin cup is compression molded and has a sublimated lycra material covering it to provide great comfort and protection while moisture channels help keep the sweat out.

  • Replacement snap buckle for chin straps or helmet cage straps. Available in black and white.

    Colors: 2
  • The Hockey Helmet Visor Kit has all the hardware needed to properly mount your visor onto any hockey helmet; including Bauer, CCM, Easton, Reebok and Warrior. This Universal Visor Kit comes with four sets of screws and 2 sets of visor spacers, all in different lengths so it can be used on tons of different hockey helmets and hockey visors.

  •  The Bauer HDO Pro-Clip Shield Side Attachment Kit is the replacement set for all Bauer HDO Pro-Clip Visors. This kit comes with all of the pieces necessary to mount a Bauer Pro-Clip visor, even if your helmet does not have posts on the side. 

  • The Easton Hockey Helmet Giro Fit System is the replacement piece for the E600 and E700 helmets. This system is the first of it's kind to be utilized in hockey helmets, it provides a secure and snug fit to the head preventing the helmet from moving around. The comfort pads are held in place by velco so that they may be washed if need be.

  • The Easton E700/E600 Hockey Helmet Pad Set are replacement pads for your E700/E600 Easton Helmet incase your stock padding is old or lost.  The plush padding adds excellent stability and has best in class comfort. Combined with the E700/E600 helmet, the pads give a lightweight performance that has excellent crush resistant properties.  The pad set is sold in sizes XS, S, M and L.


  • These Hockey Helmet Shield Top Hinge Clips are replacement parts for half and full-shield visors that flip up. The pieces attach the top of the shield to the helmet, right above the brow line. With the shield securely attached, the top clip's allow the shield to pivot or flip up in between plays for better air flow. 

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