Inline and Ice Warehouse has you and your gear covered with a great selection of Hockey Bags. The hockey gear carry bags, hockey gear wheel bags and hockey gear backpacks are for players looking for a big enough hockey bag for all of their equipment. We carry goalie gear wheel bags that have even more space for the extra large gear as well as hockey referee bags for refs on the go. Lastly, we stock everything else in between; such as hockey stick bags, puck carrying bags and hockey travel bags.

Bauer Hockey Gear Carry Bags

Old bag finally on it's last leg? Bauer Hockey has Core and Premium Hockey Gear Carry Bags so you can find the right bag for you or your team. Core is for the casual or recreational player who needs a simple but durable bag. Premium is for the player who plays constantly and needs a durable bag that can take constant abuse from moving rink to rink. Both Core and Premium bags are offered in a Team style that are ideal for logo placement.

CCM Hockey Gear Carry Bags

CCM Hockey Gear Carry Bags showcase the traditional, over the shoulder bag design with multiple options to choose from. The Player bags provide varying levels for beginners to pros with ample storage space and organization options. The Pro bags offer a couple bag options with a simple, yet effective construction with a tall design.

Eagle Hockey Gear Carry Bags

Eagle Hockey builds Hockey Gear Carry Bags that are made to last. Eagle's Aero and Talon bags provide a tall design for maximum storage, and ensuring that your bag gets to and from the rink with ease.

Easton Hockey Gear Carry Bags

Easton Hockey offers many different carry bags to get your gear to the locker room in style and safely. The Team Carry Bags leave plenty of space for team logos with a tall, standard construction. Easton also offers the Synergy Carry Bags that provide organization features and a contemporary design.

IW Hockey Gear Carry Bags

Labeda Hockey Gear Carry Bag

The Labeda Hockey Gear Carry Bags are built for durability and fun. Each hockey gear bag comes complete with an interior insulated cooler that is perfect for keeping your game drinks cool and your post-game drinks even cooler.

Sherwood Hockey Gear Carry Bags

Sherwood Hockey offers a variety of Gear Carry Bags that will work for any player or budget. From beginners to pro players, the Sherwood has the option with the True Touch, Rekker, Team, and IW Pro carry bags

Tour Hockey Gear Carry Bags

Under Armour Hockey Gear Carry Bags

Warrior Hockey Gear Carry Bags

Warrior Hockey provides Hockey Gear Carry Bags so you can be sure your gear will stay protected. Warrior offers carry bags designed for players that travel often who need a bag that can last the rigors of constant abuse. Warrior also carries Custom Player Bags so you can do a complete makeover of your bag, customizing your straps, adding logos and picking what material you would like it to be.

Alkali Hockey Gear Carry Bag

smarAlkali Hockey offers Hockey Gear Carry Bags that are built to take a beating. The RPD Max+ features a Tarpaulin exterior that is completely waterproof while resisting abrasions well for a long lasting life.

Bauer Hockey Gear Wheel Bags

Bauer Hockey features Hockey Wheel Bags that make it a breeze to roll your gear from one rink to the next. Bauer has Core and Premium bags to fit your price range. Core bags are generally made for the player who plays once or twice a week and needs a simple bag. Premium is for the player who plays four to five times a week and needs a bag they can count on for the constant abuse and travel.
    • Size: Large
    • Pockets:
      Large Skate Pocket
      Fleece-Lined Helmet Pocket
      Internal Glove Sleeves
      5 Internal Accessory Pockets
    • Material: 840D Polyester
    • Handle: Telescopic Pull Handle
    • Recommended Use:
      • Int. / Sr. Ice Hockey
        All Roller Hockey
    Colors: 2
    • Size: Medium
    • Pockets:
      Large Skate Pocket
      Fleece-Lined Helmet Pocket
      Internal Glove Sleeves
      5 Internal Accessory Pockets
    • Material: 840D Polyester
    • Handle: Telescopic Pull Handle
    • Recommended Use:
      • Int. / Sr. Ice Hockey
        All Roller Hockey
    Colors: 1

CCM Hockey Gear Wheel Bags

CCM Hockey Gear Wheel Bags come at many separate price points so you can find the right bag within your budget. With wheeled hockey bags ranging from the tower construction, Deluxe Bags, and Basic Bags CCM has you covered.

Warrior Hockey Gear Wheel Bags

Warrior Hockey offers Hockey Wheel Bags to make transporting your gear easy. These bags are designed for the player who plays often and needs a durable bag that can take a beating.

Alkali Hockey Gear Backpack

Alkali Hockey carries Hockey Gear Backpacks so you can comfortably carry your bag on your back. The RPD Max+ features a waterproof Tarpaulin exterior that is extremely durable and build to last.

Bauer Hockey Gear Backpacks

Bauer Hockey provides Hockey Gear Backpacks to make carrying your gear much easier on you. Bauer offers their Premium backpacks in both a carry version and wheeled version for your preference. Premium bags are designed for the player that plays often and needs a bag that can withstand constant abuse when moving from rink to rink.

CCM Hockey Gear Backpacks

CCM Hockey Gear Backpacks save give your shoulders more of a rest and give you the option of carrying or wheeling your bag back and forth from rink to rink.

Labeda Hockey Gear Backpacks

The Labeda Hockey Gear Backpacks are built for durability and fun. Each hockey gear backpack comes equipped with an internal cooler to keep the game drinks cool and the post-game drinks even cooler. Labeda uses both the traditional carry backpack design and the wheeled backpack bag construction.

Mission Hockey Gear Backpacks

Getting tired of carrying your bag on one shoulder? Mission Hockey has your back with many different types of Hockey Gear Backpacks like the Elite and Pro made for every different type of player. Their Elite bag is designed for the player who plays recreationally but needs a solid bag. The Pro bags are designed to take constant abuse from moving from tournament to tournament. The Pro version is featured in a wheeled version so you can roll the bag around when you're tired of carrying it on your back.

Tour Hockey Gear Backpacks

Tour Hockey carries both Elite and Deluxe Hockey Gear Backpacks so you or your team can get the right bag. The Elite backpack is great for casual players that player a few times a week and need a good bag that will hold up. The Deluxe wheeled backpack is very durable and will last a long time for those players that play constantly.

Warrior Hockey Gear Backpacks

Warrior Hockey features Hockey Gear Backpacks designed for players who don't like carrying their bags on one shoulder and some offer a wheeled version giving you the option to either carry or wheel your backpack back and forth from the rink.

Hockey Puck Bags

IW Hockey has a good selection of Hockey Puck Bags that are designed to make transporting, storing and distributing hockey pucks a breeze.
  • The Bauer S14 Puck Bag is a great choice for any team needing a simple puck bag that can get the job done. The durable polyester construction will last the test of time and webbed grab handles make carrying easy. Carries 50-75 pucks.

  • The CCM Deluxe Hockey Puck Bag can carry up to 60 ice hockey pucks in the single large compartment. Carrying 60 pucks can be heavy, but CCM's adjustable/removable carry strap is padded for a comfortable fit. The interior of the puck bag is lined with foam insulation to keep the pucks cool during transportation. 

    Colors: 1
  • The CCM Hockey Puck Bag is great at transporting your teams pucks. This heavy-duty puck bag holds up to 50 pucks and utilizes a hard bottom for additional support. Also, the circular opening makes load/unloading much easier and more accommodating.

  • The Easton Hockey Puck Bag can carry 100 pucks or 8 water bottles (both Traditional and Tall Boy style), and features an exterior sleeve pocket for additional storage for coach / player accessories.

    Colors: 1
  • The Tour PuckShed Hockey Puck Bag carries 50-75 pucks with a simple and durable design. From the zipper to the thick tarpaulin base layer, the PuckShed is built to last and help the team out for seasons to come. 

    Colors: 1
  • The Sidelines Sports Hockey Puck Keeper Bag provides fast storage and easy distribution of hockey pucks. A durable metal ramp is designed within the bag which provides smooth transfer of pucks from ice to the Puck Keeper.

    Colors: 1

Hockey Stick Bags

Traveling from rink to rink with your sticks loose is a good way to get them damaged. IW Hockey can help you protect your investment with Hockey Stick Bags. You can store up to 6 sticks in a normal stick bag and 36 sticks in a hockey stick wheel bag so you can keep your sticks safe whether you're traveling to a tournament by car or if you're flying and need to make sure they don't break in transit.
  • The Bauer S14 Hockey Stick Bag is a durable stick bag that will protect your twigs. Carrying up to 3 player sticks, you can take every one of your weapons with you without having to worry about damaging them during travel.

  • The Easton Player Hockey Stick Bag makes traveling with hockey sticks simple. It carries up to 4 senior hockey sticks with an ID window so it's easy to identify your sticks. The blade compartment is constructed of a PVC coated 600D that protects the blade.

    Colors: 1
  • The Warrior Covert Hockey Stick Bag features a padded blade for extra travel reinforcement. It uses a 600 denier construction for sturdiness on the long travel days, and nylon straps for easy transportation. The Warrior stick bag adjusts in length to cater to the shorter sticks with a nylon adjustment strap.

  • The Warrior Covert QR Hockey Stick Bag is just what you need to easily transport your stick while keeping them out of harm's way. The tough 600 denier nylon prevents any cuts, tears or abrasions and the padded blade pocket keeps your weapons of choice intact. An adjustable nylon strap allows you to adjust the size of the stick bag.

    Colors: 1
  • The IW hockey stick bag is the most innovative stick bag available! The stick bag features 2 internal accessory pockets designed to hold replacement blades, tape, pucks & more. The stick bag holds up to 4 player sticks OR 3 goalie sticks. InlineWarehouse on one side... IceWarehouse on the other. Available only at IW!

    Size: 59" (top to heel) + 13.5" (blade compartment)  x 6" (overall width)


  • The Stick Vault makes carrying 2 sticks as easy as carrying 1. Protects blades as well as items that come in contact with the gummy black stick tape that can mark up car interiors, walls,...

  • The Bauer S14 Team Hockey Stick Wheel Bag keeps your entire team's twigs protected while traveling from rink to rink. Constructed from tough polyester, this bag can withstand any harsh environment. The wheels make it easy to transport so you're getting protection wherever your team goes. Carries up to 50 sticks.

  • The CCM Team Hockey Stick Wheel Bag carries up to 70 hockey sticks in the heavy duty tarpaulin stick bag. It features reinforced carry straps on top and with pull handles on each end to easily transport the bag on its all-terrain tires.  

Hockey Travel Bags

Hockey Travel Bags include all of the other types of bags besides the normal gear bags and stick bags. This category includes small hockey duffle bags, school or work backpacks, jersey bags, hockey helmet bags and shaving bags from all of your favorite hockey gear companies.
  • The Bauer Hockey Pro 10 Backpack features the same sturdy pro tarp construction as Bauer pro bags for maximum durability. The main compartment of the backpack features wide opening and an internal elastic pocket which can be used as a laptop holder. 

  • The Under Armour Undeniable Team Duffle Bag features a water-repellant finish to keep your clothes dry in light snow and rain. The UA duffle bag has 3 external zippered pockets for all your accessories, including a ventilated pocket for your shoes or dirty laundry.

    Colors: 3
  • The CCM Hockey Business Briefcase Bag is the go-to for hockey players or coaches that need to handle business on the go. The CCM Briefcase features two main compartments with a padded laptop pocket, as well as plenty of interior pockets to keep accessories and documents organized.

  • The Warrior Pro Coaches Hockey Bag features the same design as the Pro Player Bag but scaled down to only fit the coaching essentials. The bag is constructed of an extremely tough 1000D polyvinyl with vents running along the top to keep the gear fresh. The coaches version is the perfect size to fit skates, gloves and more with plenty of room for tools and accessories in the 5 internal mesh pockets.

    Colors: 1
  • The I Win IW Hockey School Backpack is a great backpack for anyone, ranging from the young student to the traveling professional. It features a large main compartment that can easily hold a 17" laptop with a few large books too. The smaller compartment is pretty deep like the main compartment but it has an organizer with a small, zippered pouch and also pen and key holders. The I Win backpack also has a water bottle carrier on both sides, showcasing a deep pocket that can effectively and securely hold taller bottles too. 


  • The Mission Hockey School Backpack will make you stand out from the rest, letting everyone know that you're a hockey player. With a durable Poly 600D bag construction, this bag will withstand the harsh environments of school and the locker room.

  • The Under Armour Hustle Team School Backpack features a sturdy build for endless traveling. Inside the main compartment, there's a padded laptop sleeve to protect the valuables with extra cushioning. For everything else, Under Armour provides three additional pockets including a fleece lined accessory pocket and a zippered dry pocket. 

    Colors: 2
  • The Bauer S14 Hockey Sackpack Bag is a great choice if you're looking for a compact bag you can take to the rink, in town or the beach. Constructed from 100% polyester, this bag is durable enough to stand up to the rigors of everyday use. The Bauer screenprinted graphics add to the overall quality and give it a sweet look. The straps utilize standard weaved nylon attached to metal rings for comfort and durability. 

    Colors: 1
  • The Under Armour Under Armour Undeniable Team Sackpack Bag takes the drawstring bag to the next level. In addition to the large main compartment, the UA Sackpack features a large accessory pocket in the front and a fleece lined accessory pocket on the side. 

    Colors: 2
  • The Bauer S14 Hockey Individual Garment Bag is perfect for transporting your high quality jerseys from rink to rink without having to worry about them getting damaged. The tough polyester exterior keeps unwanted gear or sweat away from the gear so your jerseys stay clean and fresh. Just throw your jerseys in the bag and place the garment bag inside your hockey bag and that's it. Fits up to 3 jerseys.

  • The Bauer S14 Hockey Team Jersey Bag is what every team needs when they're on the road. This bag can easily fit an entire team's jerseys to keep them clean and protected so when you take them out they're ready for game time. A slit on the top allows for hangers to slip through for easy carrying.

  • The Sherwood Mesh Laundry Bag is exactly what you need to make washing your jerseys, socks and jocks a breeze.

    Colors: 1
  • The Bauer S14 Hockey Shower Bag is a great accessory when you're on the road with your team. The exterior features a durable polyester and the same screenprinted graphics we see on all of Bauer's new hockey bags. This bag features one main compartment to store all of your necessities and is easily carried with the two nylon straps.


  • The Easton Toiletry Bag is the perfect travel accessory bag for all hockey players. This toiletry bag features one zippered main compartment with one internal zipper pocket, which is comprised of mesh material.


    Colors: 1
  • The Warrior Covert Shower Bag is perfect for those long hockey weekends and tournaments. There's plenty of room for all the toiletries in the two main pockets and additional sub-pockets on the inside for organization.

  • The Vaughn backpack lets you show off your love for hockey while carrying your laptop and other accessories. There are 3 compartments in total. One large middle pocket, one smaller front pocket that can carry any small accessories, and a back pocket that is perfect for carrying your laptop or tablet.

    Colors: 1

Bauer Hockey Goalie Gear Bags

CCM Hockey Goalie Gear Bags

  • The CCM Goalie Mask Bag helps protect your investment by keeping your helmet safe when in storage. CCM's mask bag is constructed from a durable nylon exterior and soft padded interior.

Sherwood Hockey Goalie Gear Bags

Tour Hockey Goalie Gear Bags

Vaughn Hockey Goalie Gear Bags

  • The Vaughn Big Monster Goalie Carry Bag 43" is the strongest goalie carry bag on the market, and with its massive size it's capable of holding a huge amount of gear.

    Colors: 1
  • The Vaughn backpack lets you show off your love for hockey while carrying your laptop and other accessories. There are 3 compartments in total. One large middle pocket, one smaller front pocket that can carry any small accessories, and a back pocket that is perfect for carrying your laptop or tablet.

    Colors: 1

Warrior Hockey Goalie Gear Bags

Hockey Referee Gear Bags

Need a portable bag that you can take from game to game that will keep your referee gear separated and neat? Look no further as IW Hockey carries a variety of Hockey Referee Gear Bags. These bags keep your gear game ready so you can take this wherever you're needed. These bags have plenty of pockets for your skates, jerseys, pants, and any hockey accessory you have.
  • The CCM Hockey Official's Referee Wheel Bag is perfectly designed to fit the referee's equipment and keep it organized to the ref's preferences. It features a 2 compartment design, so as to keep the gear organized or isolate any potential odors to keep the rest smelling fresh.

Skate Bags

  • The A&R Deluxe Skate Bag is the Rolls Royce of skate bags. The deluxe skate bag is constructed of tough polyester and metal grommets for ventilation. To keep skates protected the deluxe skate bag features two individual zippered skate pockets. The smaller outer zipper pocket is ideal for holding skating accessories and personal items. The outside of the bag also includes a water bottle holder, cell phone compartment, and a padded nylon webbed shoulder carrying strap.



    Colors: 3
  • The Bauer S14 Hockey Skate Bag allows you to keep your prized possessions separated from your grimy hockey gear so they stay in top notch condition. Constructed from tough polyester, this bag resists tears and cuts from common use. This bag also serves as a good carrying bag when you need to take your skates to get sharpened or repaired. Comes with nylon webbed grab handle and shoulder carrying strap.


    Colors: 2
  • Show your support for Inline Warehouse with this great little skate bag.  It's able to carry most inline skates in addition to protective gear.  Has insert to create a hard bottom for stability, an adjustable shoulder strap and a mesh pocket for wet gear.

    • Approx. 15"H x 17"L x 7"W


  • The Transpack Expo Bag is a smart way to carry your skates, helmet and/or gear. Mesh side pockets provide additional skate venitalation. If you have skates, you need a skate bag. The Expo is a great choice for the inline, ice or figure skater on the go. Has shoulder straps to carry like a backpack.

    • Approx 18" x 17" x 15"


    Colors: 3

Hockey Helmet Bags

  • The IW Hockey Deluxe Helmet Bag is the perfect bag for helmet protection or puck transportation with a lot of interior volume to fit most helmets or up to around 30 pucks. The softer material construction is ideal for helmet and shield protection, and sturdy enough to hold the weight of the pucks. 

  • The Bauer Hockey Helmet Bag is perfect for any player or goalie who is looking to keep their bucket looking clean. The helmet bag is made of a soft, microfiber-like material that will keep helmets and visors from getting scratched. While there is no padding in it, this lightweight bag is easy to use with the simple drawstring enclosure system.

  • The A&R Velour Helmet Bag is ideal for any player who wants to keep their helmet in good condition. The high quality velour material is very soft and has a microfiber-like feel that helps to prevent the helmet's shell or visor from getting scratched. When not being used to hold a helmet, it can also double as an accessory bag to hold all of your additional hockey gear needs. 

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