Hip pads and protection are a great option for those that are concerned with falling and recommended for beginners that have never done any inline skating. These hip pads can even be used for inline skating or quad skating activities, as well as other outdoor recreation that may dictate some form of falling.

Traditional Tapered Contoured Traditional Tapered Contoured

Hip Protection

  • The Crash Pad 2500 Padded Shorts have a long tail shield that makes them great for use in extreme sports whether it roller derby, inline skating, hockey, BMX, skiing, snowboarding, etc...   A non-restrictive design with a plastic and foam tail shield for maximum tailbone coverage.

  • These pads are snug & lightweight. They are easily worn under shorts, jeans, etc... Used for street skating, snowboarding, hockey, and much more. Non-restrictive design, impact resistant padding, 1/2" high density foam, 100% breathable quick drying mesh fabric. Covers tailbone, side hip, side leg and front hip pointer.

  • The Crash Pad 2600 padded shorts provide protection to the side hip, side leg, hip pointer and tailbone. Designed to be able to fit under other clothes, but able to be worn on their own. Different than the 2000, these are a little longer and feature 'Dry-Power' fabric to wick moisture away. Great for skating, snowboarding, derby, BMX, soccer, martial arts, etc..

  • Designed with the help of derby girls specifically for the bumps and bruises of Roller Derby. Removable washable pads, interior pocket for essentials, and a flexible/comfortable short leg design women prefer.

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