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The Green Biscuit Training Hockey Puck is the perfect puck for virtually any rough surface: street, driveways, parking lots, etc... The patented 2-piece design absorbs the vibration caused by the rough surfaces and allows the puck to stay flat and glide better than other pucks. 

The Green Biscuit Puck allows players to train anywhere, improving their passing and stick handling skills. Aside from normal stick handling, it's a great tool for one-touch passing, toe drags, and saucer passes. The Green Biscuit Training Puck emulates the feel of an ice puck on ice, or a roller puck on tile, making it an incredible training tool for ice, roller, and street hockey players of all levels. 

The Green Biscuit Training Puck is designed for passing and stick handling, but may chip if used to shoot on a steel goal. If you're just looking to practice shooting, check out the Green Biscuit Snipe Puck.  

  • Hard Plastic Training Puck
  • 2-piece design helps absorb vibrations
    • Keep the puck flat and gliding on rough surfaces
  • Glides effortlessly on virtually any hard surface (driveways, streets)
  • Feels and acts like a real ice puck
  • Makes off ice training convenient and fun
  • Designed for passing and stick handling
    • (If Shooting it may chip when hitting the post)
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Comments: This is great. Except mine chipped after the third shot. Off the post and there is green plastic, flying everywhere! It still works though.
From: Ashley, Wilkes-Barre, PA

Comments: I bought one of these to keep my hands sharp while I recover from surgery due to an injury sustained while playing hockey.  The green biscuit feels natural on most surfaces, it even works ok on carpeting.  The weight and movement of the puck on the floor is very similar to a puck on ice.  This is the closest I will get to playing hockey for 6 months, so its better than nothing.  I also bought a smart hockey stick handling training ball and an IW wood stick handling ball.  The green biscuit is by far the most realistic.  These pucks are worth the money
From: Matt, IL

Comments: This puck is a great puck to train my stickhandling with. I can use it literally everywhere, I've even been using it inside on the
hardwood. I love this puck, if you don't have one, then you're doing something wrong.
From: Larry, GA

Comments: The Green Biscuit Training puck is personally my favorite puck on the market. i use it on every surface for practicing and it holds up great. I've had one for about 3 years and its still working and in good condition. But, remember that this puck is only for stick handling. a couple of months ago i was training and decided that one slapshot wouldnt effect the puck... i took a slapshot and the puck shattered. but for puck handeling i say GET THIS PUCK!!!
From: Sam, SLO, CA

Comments: :The praise for this puck is justified. I particularly like to use it on my condo complex's parking lot, as it glides quite well even
on less than perfect asphalt. I think the 2 piece, floating design of the puck makes it inadvertently (or perhaps intentionally) easier to settle down, if you happen get it rolling. Love the thing, buy one already.
From: Tim, IL

Comments: Best practice stick handling puck period. On the smooth surface in my garage its crazy good. Even doing passes on my street, slightly rougher pavement it still flies. Sometimes we do like 300 foot passes.
From: Mike, WA

Comments: This is a fantastic puck for training puck handling skills and passing. It moves moderately well on rough surfaces and fantastic on smooth asphalt. Even when the puck begins rolling, it is far easier to settle like an ice puck than any roller puck. You can even shoot them, but they are prone to cracking if they hit a post. I would also warn that the puck seems a lot easier to lift, so it may not lend itself to developing a good shot technique. A local pickup group has been using these for games, but it is a costly alternative to the pro puck. We hoped that the Green Biscuit Snipe may offer the best of both worlds, but it is far stickier than this puck.
From: Mike, Sacramento, CA

Comments: Green biscuit is awesome! Thank you ice warehouse for great service and fast shipping.
From: Jason, FL

Comments: I bought the Green Biscuit two months ago, and all I can say is WOW. It's two piece design is perfect because it enables the puck to stay flat on almost any surface. This is the ultimate puck because it glides nice and smooth, just as a regular puck would on ice. This puck is great for practicing toe drags, and saucer passes. I stickhandle with this puck for atleast an hour everyday and it has been just as durable as the day I bought it. I have used a lot of training tools to improve my skills, and this is by far the best one I have found. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to improve their stickhandleing and passing. I often get asked at the rink, "What is your secret to having such quick hands?" I say, "It's the Green Biscuit, you should go to Icewarehouse and get you one."
From: Blake

Comments: These are great for practicing, they feel like real pucks, and they slide on almost any surface. The only problem I had is I didn't know they were not intended for shooting, so a little piece broke off when I took a hard shot. It still works great though, so overall I'm happy with this. It's definitely worth the money.
From: ??

Comments: Can be used on every surface imaginable. Slides amazingly well. Best training aid off the ice. Says not recommended for shots, but I've found it to be nearly indestructible. 
From: Ryan, NC

Comments: This is a great training tool for stick handling. The best aspect is that you can use it almost anywhere. It works great on
asphalt. The dimensions being the same as a regular puck help with feel.
From: Nick

Comments: The green biscuit is amazing. It slides on almost any surface, so I can practice almost anywhere. It's also very durable. I've used it for a long time and it's still in pretty good condition.
From: ??

Comments: One of the best, training device if you do not have access to shooting pads, or anything of the sort.  This puck will slide on almost any surface.  Concrete asphalt, you name it. I've had this puck for 3 years, and it still is holding up.  The only down fall of it would be that it looks like it wears down because of the friction, but thats normal.

From: Peter 

Comments: This puck does exactly what it says it does, it is a training puck to practice your stick handling and passing. What I am amazed at is how easily it slides on surfaces that most "street" pucks have a hard time sliding on, I use this puck in my driveway to practice stick handling and it does extremely well, I don't shoot this puck, only stick handling and passing.
From: Joshua

Comments: This thing slides everywhere. Road, rink, cement. It's great to practice with. Highly recommended. Only issue is mine went down my sewer lol!
From: Mark

Comments: Amazing puck for off-ice play however they do break quite easily if you are using them for game play. I play 2-3 times per week with a group of people for about 3-4 hours at a time and we usually go through at least 1 biscuit per week. If they were a bit more durable they would be THE best puck on the market.
From: Kevin

Comments: I own more than a dozen of these things, purchased here and there over the years and after years of abuse from a son with a mean wrist shot but (originally) not so much accuracy, while I had a blistering slap shot....with not so much accuracy....and thus, we've done our share of damage to these things while missing the net, but not the car, the mailbox, and above all else,the curb across the street. Only NOW are they showing signs of extreme use, with some larger chipping, but even THOSE pucks are more of a danger to slicing my nets than to anything else. Even broken, they still float across the asphalt like vulcanized rubber on ice. I shoot a minimum of 150 shots or more per day, using nothing but the Green Biscuits, and even though they say they aren't designed for shooting, here we are, 5 or 6 years later, still firing away, and only now having to replace 2 of the more than a dozen pucks I bought, originally because my son kept losing them in the trees. They also feel great in goal gear, not bouncy like street balls. I play a lot of hockey in the streets and tried a lot of different supposed "roller hockey pucks," but in all my experience there's nothing I'd rather use than a Green Biscuit! I'm glad they're cheaper now, too! $15 a pop was a bit steep, but worth every penny, and even more so today!
From: Tina, Oregon

Comments: This puck is seriously the best puck I've ever used. As a goaltender sometimes I can loose track of where the puck goes but it being lime LIME green really does help. Super easy to spot and follow. And still tough enough to shoot at goal (not recommended because it does chip a little bit after time, but still tough enough to do so). Greatest 10 bucks I've ever spent on a puck, highly recommend you get some
From: Joe M

Comments: The Green Biscuit is the greatest non-ice training aid I've ever used. Seriously.
From: Michael, USA

Comments: This puck is fantastic. Probably the easiest gliding puck on concrete for passing or training I've ever seen. It's nice and heavy, great for stick handling and 1v1 play. As a side note, they say it's not for shooting at all, but I admit I have two of these and have taken hundreds of hard shots at a goalie with pads on, hitting the post more often than I'd like to admit too. It's very durable and I haven't seen any broken chips yet, just make sure you're goaltender buddy realizes it's probably a harder shot than what he's used to during summer play
From: Scott

Comments: One word: AMAZING!!!! I bought three of them 2 years ago thinking that one of them (if not more) was going to break down. Well 2 years later I'll gave the other 2 away because 1) the original one I was using was still going strong and 2) I wanted to show others how amazing these thing are. My only regret is that i wish I would have thought of making this thing!
From: Hockey Dad

Comments:Really great for up commers and it is durable and slides really good I reccomend it to any one who wants to start and plays the game
From: Nicolas

Comments:This puck is incredible. The weight and the balance make it much easier to use and improve your skills. Perfect for passing and improving Stick handling.
From: Taylor

Comments:Handles just like a puck on ice. It’s a little lighter than a normal puck. Strong enough to bank off a wall for short passing drills. Works best on slightly rough surfaces that aren’t perfectly smooth. Good buy
From: Nathan

Comments:These biscuits kick a$$. That's all.
From: ??

Comments:I love green Green Biscuit simply put. I play mostly on a rough cement surface, where sometimes a ball has trouble gliding if it's to hot out. From the first time I set it down I could tell this was like no other puck. I think since the height is slightly bigger then other roller pucks, I think it makes it easier to practice/improve stickhandling as well as make the transition from roller to ice. A must buy training puck!
From: Joe, PA

Comments:This puck glides amazingly well across rough surfaces. It has great weight and feel to it and handles very well. It has also held up amazingly well to the abuse my son and I have dished out to it. I bought one thinking that if it worked well, I would buy more. This one has held up so well, we don't need to buy another one.
From: Trey, Memphis, TN

Comments:I have been buying stickhandling balls, street hockey pucks, and whatever training items I could find to help for stickhandling and passing. I bought a couple of Green Biscuits in the beginning of the summer based on a recomendation and they are exceeding all expectations. I bought them to practice with my kids (9)(7) and we do everything from keep away, to passing games, toe drags. Both went from having weak passes and struggling to catch hard passes to become very good at both. Our street is rough ashphalt and both kids can pass this puck 75 yards if they have proper heal to toe release. They are great to practice saucer passes as well b/c if the pass is done right way the puck will land perfect and keep going.
From: Chris

Comments:I ordered this for my son who plays roller hockey, and he said it is very similar to the puck he uses in games. It glides well across the driveway, and he was able to use it for practice shots on the net. He said that using this puck makes practicing at home more realistic.
From: ??

Comments:The Green Biscuit is literally the best trainig off ice puck I've ever used. It works on every surface. A must have for improving stickhandeling.
From: Michael, IN, USA

Comments: Ok... I'm just a normal dad.  I bought several of these things for my son and I not knowing what to expect.  Well all I can say is the green biscuit exceeded expectations! 
My son and I routinely go out into the street, in front of our house, and have a catch with this thing.  Passing it back and forth usually a good 20 to 30 feet apart.  The rougher the surface, the better it works.  Im serious when I say its as if we were on the ice.
My son will even pass it to himself buy shooting it to the street curb.  It bounces right back to him even if hes stand a good 10 feet away.
It got to the point that we TRIED to break it.  We only exceeded after 2 or 3 slapshots (and they had to hit the post).
Anyways great production!!!!
From: Bruce, Philadelphia Pa

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Green Biscuit Training Hockey Puck

  • The Green Biscuit Training Hockey Puck is now available in black and blue colors! The Green Biscuit is perfect for virtually any rough surface: street, driveways, parking lots, etc... The patented 2-piece design absorbs the vibration caused by the rough surfaces and allows the puck to stay flat and glide better than other pucks. 

    Colors: 2
  • The Green Biscuit NHL Training Hockey Puck takes the original Green Biscuit Training Puck design and tailors it to your favorite NHL team. Each puck matches the team's color and features a team logo sticker in the center. 

    Colors: 25
  • The Green Biscuit Pro Training Hockey Puck is an off-ice training hockey puck that will help you and your team develop better stick handling and passing skills. The Green Biscuit Pro puck is definitely an upgrade from its predecessor the Green Biscuit Training Puck, because the grip texture makes the puck feel more similar an ice puck.


  • The Green Biscuit Alien Training Hockey Puck is all you need to enhance your stick handling skills at day and night. Unlike the original Green Biscuit, the Alien is outfitted with LED lights on both puck faces that are motion activated. So every time you throw some sauce or toe drag, the puck will light up for 5 seconds in multiple different sequences so you know exactly where it is at any time of the day.


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