Change out existing or buy new inline skate frames . Use the Frame Finder to the left to sort by filters by brand, wheel configuration and/or others. The right choice will depend on compatibiilty and speed vs maneuverability.

Seba Skate Frames

  • The Seba 310 3x110mm Inline Skate Frames are Seba's 110mm option for 3-wheel skating and is a great choice for anyone that wants a 3x110mm wheel setup. This frame can be mounted multiple ways to support many boot models and due to the short frame length, expect a balance of maneuverability and speed.


    • 150 / 165 / 180mm Mount Support
    • 248mm Length
    • 110mm Max Wheel Size
  • The Seba Deluxe Rockered frames are recognized as one of the best freestyle skating frames on the market. Light and stiff to make all your moves precise.


    • This frame is pre-rockered, you can have a banana setup with 8 wheels of the same size.
    • 165mm Mount Support Only
    • Medium / 231mm / 4x76mm
    • Large / 243mm / 4x80mm
    Colors: 1
  • The Seba Deluxe Frames are a top choice among slalom and freestyle skaters. Tubular cross-braces address the weakest point of the frames to withstand the demands of slalom and freestyle skating.

    • Color and size availability may vary
    • 150 / 165 / 180mm Mount Support
    • 219mm / Max 72mm
    • 231mm / Max 76mm
    • 243mm / Max 80mm
    • 255mm / Max 84mm
    • 273mm / Max 90mm
    Colors: 4
  • The Seba R1 Inline Skate Frames are the classic designed frames found on popular FR1, FR2, and Trix 2 skates from 2015, as well as 2016 FR2 skates. They are lighter and stiffer than the X Series frames, providing better response and control. 


    • 150mm, 165mm, and 180mm Mount Support
    • 231mm / 4x76mm
    • 243mm / 4x80mm
  • The Seba Deluxe UFS Inline Skate Frames are a top choice amongst slalom and freestyle skaters that want to convert UFS enabled aggressive boots in to fully functional slalom, freestyle, or dance style skates.


    • UFS Mounting Only
    • 243mm Frame Length
    • Max Wheel Size: 80mm

Bont Inline Speed Skate Frames

  • Amongst the lightest in the world, the S-Frame was tested by pro racing teams all over the world. They use the most advanced computer stress testing available. The frames gain exceptional strength from the S in the extrusion. The 3pt Mount works to reduce materials and weight in the boot while creating a low deck height for control and stability. Compatible with Bont 3pt Mount Boots only.

    • 3pt Mount
    • 10.85" 4x90mm
    • 11.92" 4x100mm
    • 12.50" 4x100mm
    • 12.80" 4x100mm
    • 13.20" 4x110mm 
  • Bont Alumunim S-Frames are now offered in black ! Among the lightest in the world, they have been tested by pro racing teams all over the world and some of the most advanced computer stress testing available. The frames gain exceptional strength from the S in the extrusion. The 3pt Mount works to reduce materials and weight in the boot while creating a low deck height for control and stability.

  • Bont 6061 frames mount to any brand boot with 2pt 195mm mount spacing. Rigorously tested, the 6061 Aluminum has anti-corrosive properties to go along with its beautifully expensive looking finish. Tempered for strength with black print for a very refined look. Combine with Bont's 3PF Midpoint to act as a 3pt mount setup. 

    • 195mm Mount
    • 11.25" 4x90mm
    • 12.00" 4x100mm
    • 12.60" 4x100 or 105mm
    • 13.20" 4x110mm
  • Bont 7050 Inline Skate Frames mount to any brand boot with 195mm spacing. Bont used the skater and computer aided testing to ensure this frame will withstand the demands of skaters month after month. 7050 aluminum provides toughness and corrosion resistance. Classified as 7050-T6, the T6 means the frame has been solution heat treated and artificially aged. Engineered to have just a slight amount of flex near the wheels to increase grip at end of push off. Combine with Bont's 3PF Midpoint to act as a 3pt mount setup. 

    • 12.8" 4x100 or 105mm
    • 13.2" 4x110mm
  • The Bont CXXV Inline Skates Frames are constructed like all Bont frames to provide the perfect stiffness through the stride and designed to fit 3x125mm wheels. These aluminum frames will mount with any standard 2-point, 195mm spaced skate boot, instantly upgrading them to race-ready 125mm skates.


    • 195mm Mount Support
    • 330mm - 12.8"
    • 125mm Max Wheel Size


  • The Bont 3PF Midpoint addition makes a 2pt mount boot respond like a 3pt. Outdoors, the 3 point mount delivers more power to the ground. But indoors on a banked track, skaters typically like a little flex to allow the frame to turn better. One option is to have two pairs of skates. 3 point for outdoors and 2 point for indoors. Another solution is to skate with a removable middle mount that you can use when you need it. Thus..the Bont 3PF Midpoint was created.

Luigino Inline Speed Skate Frames

    • Wheel sizes: 100mm, 110mm or 125mm
    • Type: Speed

    Some of the best performance frames the world has seen, a 3D foam core works with the carbon fiber wrapping to add strength and rigidity while keeping the frames feather light. Designed and manufactured with the world's best skaters in mind, these frames will certainly up the ante on the track or course.

  • Pilot Fighter 7050 Aluminum Skate Frames are created with every bit of speed-enhancing know-how available to produce the fastest frames Luigino has ever made. Constructed using 7050 T6 extruded material, the Pilot Fighter frames can help you obtain top speed quicker by promoting more flex forgiveness with faster returning ultra-thin side walls. 

    • 12.0" 4x100mm ; 165 or 195 Mount
    • 12.9" 3x110, 1x100mm ; 195 Mount
    • 13.2" 4x110mm ; 195 Mount
  • The high performance Luigino Pilot P51 Frames just got faster! This 125mm version ups the speed while maintaining the same large cutouts in the frame make it ultra lightweight while high grade aluminum and precise engineering maintain rigidity for better power transfer. Meet the frames of the future.

    • 165/195mm Mount
    • 12.80" 3x125mm


    Colors: 5
  • Don't fix what ain't broke - but you can make it look different. The Luigino P51 Featherweight Frames are back this year with a Gun Metal finish, giving it that added flair to coordinate with any boots. Increased strength through design and materials, the recessed window has been removed on the P51 frames, unlike other Luigino frames, which adds strength to the arch to reinforce strong points for improved stability and power transfer.

  • Luigino Pilot Striker Frames are a great performing frame that won't break the bank. Made with a double void extrusion, these frames are designed with thin wall construction to reduce weight, but with expanded wall widths to increase strength. The Pilot Striker Frames are made to perform no matter what your skill level is.

    • 10.5" 3x110mm ; 165 Mount
    • 10.6" 4x84mm ;  150 or 165 Mount
    • 11.5" 3x110mm ; 165 or 195 Mount
    • 11.6" 4x90mm ;  165 or 195 Mount
    • 12.0" 4x100mm ;  165 or 195 Mount
    • 13.2" 4x110mm ;  195 Mount 

Mota Frames

  • Mota BOSS Inline Frames are made of 7075 extruded aircraft aluminum alloy, laser-etched and machined to perfection. Offered in many different sizes and wheel configurations to accomodate a variety of skating styles and needs.

    • 12.0" 4x100mm 165 or 195 Mount
    • 12.8" 3x125mm 165 or 195 Mount
    • 12.8" 4x100mm 195 Mount 
    • 13.2" 4x110mm 195 Mount

Powerslide Inline Skate Frames

  • Powerslide Vi Carbon 2.0 Frames were developed in close collaboration with the Powerslide race team. A perfect blend of stiff and reactive, made from 100% carbon fiber. This second generation Vi Carbon frame drastically reduced the mounting deck height which increased stiffness across the frame.

    • 195mm Mount
    • 13.2" 4x110mm
  • The Powerslide Megacruiser Pro frames allow you to pimp out any 165mm mount boot with 3x125mm frames. You'll fall in love with the speed and agility, whether cruising the city or doing extended training. Big wheels aren't just for speed skater anymore. 3-wheel frames make skating 125mm wheels easier by using a frame just 10.2" long. 

    • 165mm Mount
    • 10.2" 3x125mm
  • The Powerslide Megacruiser Frame Set enables you to outfit your skate boots for the future of skating! The 3-wheel setup provides many of the high speed aspects of the 4x110mm setups, but with better agility and less weight.

    • 165mm Mount
    • 10.0" 3x125mm
  • There is a Powerslide X Inline Speed Skate Frame for everyone. 6061 aircraft aluminum provides good stiffness and response, but at a price point that remains affordable. Both the 10" & 10.8" are 2 frames in 1 (allow two different wheel configurations using the same frame).

    • 10.00" 165mm 4x84 or 3x100
    • 10.80" 165mm 4x90 or 3x100
    • 12.00" 195mm 4x100
    • 12.80" 195mm 4x100
    • 13.20" 195mm 4x110


    Colors: 2
  • The Powerslide Triple X3 Speed Skate Frames use single sided torx head axles with first class laser prints. The torx head advantage is that they do not strip easily. CNC cuts are placed in the front and rear mounting blocks to fit Pitch & Stride Control inserts. Best suited for skaters liking super stiff and responsive frames.

    • 195mm Mount
    • 12.6" 3x125mm
    • 12.8" 3x110, 1x100
    • 12.8" 4x100 or 105mm
    • 13.2" 4x110m


  • X-tra stiff, X-tra light, X-tra fast - These frames might be too sexy for your boots! The Powerslide Triple X Inline Skate Frames feature the X-Box design that adds strength to the frame and reduces the overall weight. CNC milled edges and perfect lazer print enhance the beauty of these frames making them a must have for any serious speed or marathon skater.

    • 195mm Mount
    • 13.3" 4x110mm
    • 12.8" 4x100 or 105mm
    • 12.8" 3x110, 1x100mm
    • 12.6" 3x125mm


  • The Powerslide Vi Frames are made of 7005 Series Aluminum. CNC machined to perfection, these single axle frames are laser printed and very stiff. Newest is the 3x125mm frames, but also available in more traditional 4x100 and 4x110s setups. 

    • 11.8" 3x125mm ; 165 or 195 Mount
    • 12.2" 3x125mm ; 195 Mount
    • 12.6" 3x125mm ; 195 Mount
    • 12.4" 4x100mm ; 165 or 195 Mount
    • 13.2" 4x110mm ; 195 Mount
  • The Powerslide Beta Inline Freestyle FSK Frames is a freeskate frame designed for those that want the best bang for their buck! The double void construction enhances stiffness, and the frame is mounted at 165mm mount spacing with Powerslide's unique X-Slot capability.

    • 165mm Mount
    • 231mm 4x76mm
    • 243mm 4x80mm
  • Stride control frame inserts help you adust to the perfect angle between the frame and the boot for a longer push, to help get in the correct skating position or offset bad foot position.  The tilt works to help correct pronation or supination (ankle roll) while pitch will  help you get weight on the balls of your feet (or lay back).   

    • Designed for Powerslide Frames Only


    Colors: 2
  • This frame was developed in close collaboration with top speed slalom skaters, but it can be enjoyed by all. At just 243mm, they remain very agile even though they allow for 3x110mm wheels. You are left with a short frame that is fast, agile and very reactive. 

    • 165mm Mount
    • 243mm 3x110mm
    Colors: 3

Rollerblade Frames

    • Configuration: 3x125mm
    • Type: Cross-Training or Speed

    The Rollerblade 3WD Marathon Frame and Wheels Kit is stocked with Hydrogen 125mm wheels on a short 12.6" frame. The 3-wheel configuration elevates the skating experience with less vibration, better maneuverability, more glide and more speed. 

  • The Rollerblade 3WD Urban Frame and Wheels Kit is stocked with Hydrogen 110mm wheels on a short 10" frame. It's the perfect upgrade for Urban skaters that want to go faster and smoother with the increased glide of just three 110mm wheels.

    • Compatible with 165 Mount boots
    • 10.0" / 3x110mm
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