Eulogy Wheels have earned the respect of Pro skaters everywhere. Known for durbaility and performance, Eulogy wheels make for a solid choice for any aggressive skater. Eulogy Wheels are used by such skaters as Chris Haffey, Erik Bailey, JC Rowe and many many more...

Eulogy Wheels

    • Size: 57mm
    • Type: Aggressive
    • Hardness: 89A

    The Jeff Dalnas Pro wheels are 57mm 89A and great for all-types of skate setups. Skaters will benefit from higher speed capability and these wheels are perfect for ramp or half-pipe tricks. New E2 urethane, developed at Eulogy and poured for all 2013 Eulogy wheels, will provide better performance than previous years.

    • Size: 58mm
    • Type: Aggressive
    • Hardness: 88A

    The Eulogy Chris Haffey Pro Wheels use a new E2 urethane formula developed by Eulogy, which gives them a better, longer lasting roll than ever before. The wheels feature art by Kyler Martz, ensuring the man that drops the hammer is represented accordingly. The 55mm 88A spec, are great for all setups, be it anti-rocker or flat and will provide good speed and grip.

    • Size: 57mm
    • Type: Aggressive
    • Hardness: 90A

    The Eulogy Erik Bailey Pro Wheels use the E2 urethane formula develop by Eulogy, which gives them a better, longer lasting roll. Being 57mm 90A spec, they are fast, and great for anti-rocker setups or any flat riders looking to get some speed! Featuring Kyler Martz art, the "concrete cowboy" gets another classic graphic.

    • Size: 47mm
    • Type: Aggressive Anti-Rocker
    • Hardness: 101A

    Don't look it in the eye... it will smell your fear! The Eulogy Anti Rocker Wheel at 47mm 101A, is one of the only urethane anti-rocker wheels still being produced and is great for those that are transitioning from flat or anyone that wants that old school anti-rocker feel.

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