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Need to get some added length to your stick, or does your current end plug move around too much? IW Hockey offers End Plugs and Stick Glue to give you that added length to your stick or if you need to keep your current end plug secure.

End Plugs and Stick Glue

  • The Better Butt End Hockey stick end plugs offers a unique angled grip that allows for a more natural stick position.  A more natural grip position will improve comfort, control and power.  Available in several degrees to suit your playing stance.


    Colors: 3
  • The Bauer Vapor APX2 Composite End Plug is specifically designed for the Micro Feel II Shaft Dimensions on the Senior or Intermediate Bauer Vapor Stick and Shaft Lines, and it may fit other stick brands as well. This full carbon fiber composite end plug adds 4" of extension without adding significant weight like a wood plug would

  • The Bauer Supreme TotalOne NXG Composite End Plug is a carbon fiber extension that provides your stick or shaft with an additional 4". These composite end plugs are significantly lighter than wood so it will keep your one-piece or composite shaft as lightweight as possible. This plug will work with some other brands of sticks/shafts but it works best with the Bauer Supreme sticks due to double concave shaft dimensions.

  • Glue for securing hockey blades in shafts or end plugs. Thinner 1/2"x 4" size for easier application. Heat and rub onto hockey replacement blade hosels or end plugs. 2 pack!

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