Need to get some added length to your stick, or does your current end plug move around too much? IW Hockey offers End Plugs and Stick Glue to give you that added length to your stick or if you need to keep your current end plug secure.
Traditional Tapered Contoured Traditional Tapered Contoured

End Plugs and Stick Glue

  • The Better Butt End Hockey Shaft/Stick End Plugs offers a unique angled grip that allows for a more natural stick position.  A more natural grip position will improve comfort, control and power.  Available in several degrees to suit your playing stance.


    Colors: 3
  • The Bauer Vapor 1X Composite End Plug perfectly fits the Senior Bauer Vapor 1X sticks and shafts, and may also fit other brands' sticks and shafts. The 1X end plug uses the same TeXtreme™ carbon fiber construction and shaft dimensions as the 1X sticks to ensure the best possible fit in a lightweight package.

  • The Bauer Supreme 1S Composite End Plug gives players 4" of added extension in their Bauer Supreme 1S, S190 and S180 senior sticks. Bauer used their signature Textreme carbon fiber and built it to marry up perfectly with the previously listed sticks and shafts. 

  • The Bauer Supreme TotalONE MX3 Composite End Plug is a carbon fiber stick extension specifically designed for the 2014 Bauer Supreme series. This extension adds 4" to the length of your stick without adding much additional weight. The TeXtreme® carbon fiber provides a consistent lightweight feel compared to wooden end plugs. This end plug works best with Senior Bauer Supreme TotalONE MX3, Supreme 190 and Supreme 180 sticks or shafts. The 2014 Nexus 8000/7000/6000 sticks as well as the 2015 Nexus 1N/N9000/N8000 sticks will work too. With dried glue already applied, just apply heat to both the end plug and shaft and slide it in for easy application. 


  • The CCM Composite End Plug is designed to fit Senior Sticks from the CCM RBZ, CCM Tacks and Reebok RibCor stick families. Made of a full carbon fiber composite, this CCM End Plug adds 4" of length without adding significant weight. These are sold individually.

  • The FWD PowerShot 2 Hockey Stick Sensor is the future of shooting training, on and off the ice. This second-gen sensor is lighter, more compact, more accurate and process data at a faster speed than the original. The PowerShot 2 weighs 35 grams and is inserted through the butt end of any hockey stick (including senior, intermediate and junior) so that it can measure the power, the speed, the amplitude and the swing of your shot. When used in conjunction with the app, the sensor can wirelessly communicate up to 5,000 shots with a cell phone via bluetooth. Once the shots have been uploaded, the FWD Sportscard app neatly displays meaningful info like stick speed, flex gain, duration, angle, weight transfer and rotation speed. 


  • The Warrior Composite End Plugs adds 6" of extension to a hockey stick or shaft. The end plug is constructed of a high-quality carbon fiber that does not add much weight but is perfect for a player who needs to add just a little more height to their stick or shaft. Unlike traditional wood end plugs, the composite plugs help to keep responsiveness and balance as consistent as possible from head to toe. Warrior offers these plugs in a Traditional Senior, Tapered Senior and Traditional Junior sizes. 

  • Glue for securing hockey blades in shafts or end plugs. Thinner 1/2"x 4" size for easier application. Heat and rub onto hockey replacement blade hosels or end plugs. 2 pack!

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