Bont is an industry leader having assisted many to become World Champions, Olympic Champions and to win the World Inline Cup. The inventor of heat moldable boots, Bont boots are hand built around the last using their unique 'one-piece manufacturing'.

Being a hand-made process, if a boot is out of stock wait times can vary (depends on season and production schedules).
Production times are typically 4-6 weeks, but worth the wait.

Traditional Tapered Contoured Traditional Tapered Contoured

Bont Inline Speed Skate Packages

  • Bont Z Inline Speed Skates remind us that all speed skates are not equal. Using a 3k plain weave carbon fiber composite base, the Bont Z gives stiffness and ultra light weigh. Usess Anti Stretch tape similar to kevlar that is stitched to outer sking and bonded to liner. This layer prevents boot stretch over time. 

    • Offered in 4x100 or 4x110
  • Bont Jet Inline Speed Boots in black with Bont G15 wheels. This is a long lasting racing boot using Bont's one-piece construction. Anti stretch tape ensures no stretching over time. Carbon and fiberglass is hand laid around the memory foam to provide the lightweight and strong construction that Bont skates are known for.

  • Bont Jet Inline Speed Skates have been a long-time favorite for speed skating enthusiasts. Updated over the years to be even more supportive and comfortable than before, it continues to be a top seller. Made by hand using Bont's unique one-piece manufacturing technique, these powerful skates are meant for serious skaters demanding the highest performance from their skates. Carbon and fiberglass is handlaid around memory foam ensuring a light but strong construction. Anti stretch tapes used to prevent stretch over time. Package offered here uses Bont's proprietary 3pt mount. 

    • 4x100 or 4x110 at Same Price
  • The Bont Enduro Inline Speed Skates use Bont's Super Mold Technology. Thermo moldable resin combined with thermoplastic allows you to heat mold to your foot shape and maximize energy transfer. Construction is a combination of both carbon fiber and fiber glass. The Enduro allows for a bit more comfort than higher end models by using plush cushioning up top and around the ankle. It is long-lasting, soft, but still responsive.

    • Offered in 4x90, 4x100 or 4x110
  • The Bont Enduro Inline Speed Skates 3pt Mount. The Enduro uses Bont's Super Mold Technology which combines thermo moldable resins with thermoplastic. What? This means you can mold in your oven to your specific foot shape and skate comfortably for hours on end. Constucted with a combination of carbon fiber and fiber glass. 

    • 4x100 or 4x110 at Same Price
  • Bont Semi-Race Inline Speed skates are designed to offer the comfort of a training boot with the performance of a speed boot. The Semi-Race is also a great choice for experienced skaters ready for the next progression from high-end performance fitness skates. Still used is Bont's famous one-piece construction, carbon composite base and proprietary 3pt mounting. The cuff height is higher, more supportive and more comfortable than top end boots. Improvements on the original Semi Race iwere made in the cuff and uppers, as well as the addition of a TPU Front Toe Bumper.

    • Offered in 4x100 or 4x110
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