Here you'll find a great selection of aggressive inline skates that are meant to withstand even the toughest sessions. Many models to choose from the best manufacturers, like K2, Rollerblade, Remz, Razor, Xsjado, Valo, USD, and more!

Looking for a more customized skate? Check out our Custom Skates builder where you can combine any available boot, frame, wheel and bearing setup of your choice for that truly unique skate.
Traditional Tapered Contoured Traditional Tapered Contoured

Razors Complete Skate Packages

  • The Razors Genesys G11 Aggressive Skates are designed to provided all the great features that Razors skates have offered, without breaking the bank! The Genesys G11 skates come complete with Ground Control FLT3 frames, outfitted with Razors Team 56mm, 90A wheels in an anti rocker setup, giving you a skate that's ready to roll right out of the box!

  • The Razors Cult Street Aggressive Inline Skates Navy Blue are the latest model of Razors' most popular skate design, which has been enjoying a renewed popularity among aggressive skaters. Based off the Shima 2 & 3, the Cult Street Navy offers a slim shape and tight fight, giving the skater excellent control and capability.

  • Made for up and coming roll-groms, the Razor Genesys Junior Adjustable Aggressive Kid's Skates feature Ground Control anti-rockered frames, replaceable backslide plate and adjustable to four sizes. Improvements on the liner, heel support and buckles are new for this release and helps novice skaters adjust to the rigorous demands of aggressive skating. Perfect for your junior steez-monster.


USD Aggressive Skates Complete Packages

  • Like the man himself, the USD Aeon Nick Lomax 60mm Pro Skates take substance over style, with a no frills black boot and silver-gray highlights. They feature 61mm wheels with My Fit Skinny Boy Liners that allow two shoe sizes to fit in one shell! Additional features include the new Aeon Shock Absorber, Replaceable Velcro Power Strap, and an adjustable V-Cut Cuff.

  • USD Aeon Richie Eisler 72mm Pro Skates have a cool looking black gloss shell with lime green and cyan blue highlights. Aeon skates are revolutionary for their unibody construction (shell, soulplate and frame are all one piece). Less hardware, less headaches, lighter and a lower center of gravity.

  • For 18 years, the USD Throne series of skates and boots has been a mainstay in the USD line up, and with the introduction of the USD Throne Allstar XV '98 Aggressive Skates, USD has made something considered the best by many, even better. One of the best new features is the addition of the Powerslide MyFit Fat Boy liner.

  • The USD Throne EVO Aggressive Skates are a modified style of the Classic Throne skates that feature extended soul plates, enhancing lock-in potential and providing more sliding surface throughout the boot. A great choice for Classic Throne lovers, skaters that are looking to start out with aggressive skating, or skaters coming over from other boot styles, the Throne EVO boot has been changed up a bit, but still comes with all the great features from the previous generations of Throne boots.


  • The USD Carbon Team Blue Boots are the 16th iteration of the Carbon boots, re-wrapped in a fresh, navy blue suede outsole. The Carbon Team design is based on a no frills look with the same quality boot of the pro level skates.

  • The USD Carbon Free boots are what you get when they decide to manufacturer a Carbon boot, without the carbon base. Since they still have a much lighter base then comparable full nylon boots, the USD Carbon Free Team Boots are less expensive then the carbon boots, which provides more skaters the opportunity to join carbon revolution.

Rollerblade Complete Skates

Valo Complete Skates

  • The Valo SK2 Aggressive Skates are the second Pro skate for Soichiro Kanashima and are built like previous Valo TV3 skates. Outfitted with Valo Team frames, 58mm wheels and ABEC5 bearings, in an anti-rocker setup.

  • Valo V13 Maroon Aggressive Inline Skates are designed around the tried-and-true Valo V13 boot. Lightweight, durable and ready to skate right out of the box. High quality Valo liners add comfort without sacrificing support. Comes complete with Valo Team Frames in an anti-rocker setup.

VALO Boots Only

  • The Valo SK2 Aggressive Skates Boots Only are the second set of Valo Pro boots for Soichiro Kanashima and are built like previous Valo TV3 boots. Constructed with the redefined two-piece soul plates, these boots also have 2016 Valo liners and new anti-shock footbeds.

  • Valo V13 Maroon Aggressive Inline Boots are designed around the tried-and-true Valo V13 boot. High quality Valo liners add comfort without sacrificing support.

    • BOOTS ONLY - Does NOT include frames/wheels/bearings.

Xsjado Aggressive Inline Skates and Boots

Since 1999, some of the most unique and versatile skate boots have been created by Xsjado (pronounced "Shadow"). These boots are designed around a skeleton concept, allowing the blader to use almost any shoe as the skate shoe, or using the Xsjado shoe (also known as a foot wrap) as a walking shoe. This means you can go from skate setup to walkable shoe in mere moments. Don't overlook the innovation of Xsjado's tri-strap closure system and free movement cuff, allowing skaters unparalleled range of motion and capability.

Looking for a more customized Xsjado aggressive inline skate? Check out our Custom Skate Builder where you can combine any available boot, frame, wheel and bearing setup of your choice for that truly unique skate.

  • The Xsjado Chris Farmer 6 2.0 Skeleton Boots (CH6), pay homage to times past with colors that emulate a classic NES game cartridge. Even the skate box has been designed to provide the same nostalgic look. Quick and easy to throw on using your favorite shoes. 

  • The anticipation has been building to this! The Xsajdo Team 2.0 Skeletons are out of the closet and ready to roll, featuring numerous improvements such as a new soulplate, improved liners and cuffs. Approved by Mr. Xsjado himself, Chris Farmer, these skeletons will provide a better fit and be more comfortable overall, while still maintaining that rugged Xsjado durability and capability.

Remedyz Remz Skates Complete Packages

  • For the Seattle blader's first signature skate, the Remz Josiah Blee Pro Aggressive Inline Skates incorporate new features such as a front lacing system that reduces lace bite and better lace design to improve fit. Returning features from the OS boots are the original Remz V-Cuffs for maneuverability and feel, along with the Remz standard 'Open-Shell' design, giving the skate a solid feel and providing great support.

  • The Remz Nils Jansons Pro 1.5 Aggressive Skates are revamped from the previous Nils 1.0 Pro boots and feature some specific changes that improve upon the original design, including a new white and red colorway. The complete skates come setup with the new Ground Control Featherlite 3 frames, Nils own Pro wheels, and ABEC7 bearings.

Remz Boots ONLY

K2 Aggressive Inline Skates

K2 was among the original aggressive skate manufacturers. K2 is known for their soft boot design which makes for an incredibly comfortable skate. The K2 Fatty skate has largely remained the same over the years and continues to be a favorite of old and new school skaters. The K2 Fatty is light in weight even when compared to those made from carbon materials. The K2 Fatty Pro suits skaters of any level. Introduced later to the lineup, the K2 Varsity Skate features not only K2's patented soft boot design, but a larger soul plate for more grinding surface.

Looking for a more customized aggressive inline skate? Check out our Custom Skate Builder where you can combine any available boot, frame, wheel and bearing setup of your choice for that truly unique skate.

Roces Aggressive Inline Skates

Roces was established in 1952 and is a world leader in the design and production of inline and ice skates. Roces has many years of experience and using the best materials and components, Roces ensures safety, dependability, comfort and performance.

Looking for a more customized Roces aggressive inline skate? Check out our Custom Skate Builder where you can combine any available boot, frame, wheel and bearing setup of your choice for that truly unique skate.

  • The Roces M12 Street Skates are the Roces Majestic 12 skates. These were the first true street skates and a favorite of so many old school skaters like Jon Julio back in the day. People always come back to Roces skates when they want a funcitonal, light and quality skate. NEW to the M12 is an updated setup with 58mm wheels with anti-rocker wheels.

    Sizes Available: 6.0, 7.0, 8.0, 9.0, 13.0
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