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Choosing inline skates for kids may seem like a daunting task, but is not. Adjustable kids skates grow as your child does. Shopping for kids rollerblades couldn't be simpler. As you look through the different price points, the main differences include the maximum wheel size which allows for more speed, liners and the lacing mechanism used (standard, speed or boa speed lacing).
Traditional Tapered Contoured Traditional Tapered Contoured

Bladerunner Adjustable Inline Skates Girls

Bladerunner offers a range of value driven products for the recreational skater. Backed by the number one brand of inline skates, Rollerblade, Bladerunner continues to provide high quality products that are reliable and affordable. Comfort, stability, performance and style are optimally blended to ensure the end user will get the best experience possible from their products.

K2 Adjustable Inline Skates Girls

K2 offers a great selection of comfortable kid's skates that the little ones will want to skate on. Kid's skates are also a great value for parents due to the adjustable size capability, meaning parents won't have to purchase a new skate everytime their child grows.

Kid's adjustable skates are sized based on junior shoe sizing guidelines and are considered Youth unisex.
  • The K2 Marlee Pro Adjustable Inline Skates for Girls 2014 are a great choice for kids who want to get into skating and parents that love the value of buying one skate that will fit up to 4 sizes. At the speed that kids grow, five full sizes of adjustment will keep these skates in use for more then a month and designed with K2 Speed Lacing, the Marlee Pro skates are ready for kids to experience the fun that is inline skating. The Marlee Pro skates also feature a composite frame that is interlocked to help provide more balance and reduce vibrations.

Rollerblade Adjustable Inline Skates Girls

Rollerblade Kids Adjustable Skates for Girls are designed with convenience in mind and help parents save money when buying skates for their kids. These skates are adjustable up to 4 sizes, allowing children to enjoy each skate longer.
  • Incorporating a new boot design similar to those found in the adult skates, the Rollerblade Spitfire LX Adjustable Kid's Inline Skates a made to grow with kids as they progress in their skating ability. With 4 size adjustability, these skates are a benefit to both kid's and their parents, enabling children to continue using these skates through the years (or months depending on your kid!), and saving parents money by reducing the cost of purchasing skates every time their kid's foot grows. Fits multiple sizes, Boys or Girls, 76mm wheels.

  • The Rollerblade Spitfire XT Adjustable Inline Skates for Girls are an excellent way for kids to get into the fun of inline skating. They are a great value for parents since each size can adjust up to 4 sizes, meaning you're not buying a new skate every month! Don't make their first skate the worst skate, get them the Rollerblade Spitfire XT skates and ensure a lifelong appreciation for inline skating and fun!

    Sizes Available: Yth 11.0 - 1.0, 5.0 - 8.0
  • Rollerblade Spitfire ALU adjustable inline skates are Rollerblade's top of the line kids skates. Expands to 4 different sizes allowing the skates to grow as your child does. True-wrap fit around the forefoot and aluminum frames just like adult skates. The Spitfire ALU is a little higher in price than other junior models, but also higher in performance. Comes stock with 76mm wheels and SG5 bearings, making this a great choice for the junior skater already comfortable on wheels and looking for more.

    Sizes Available: 5.0 - 8.0

Luigino Adjustable Skates for Kids

Be sure to reference the Luigino specific sizing chart for foot measurement instructions. Sized unisex, your Luigino skate size will likely not be the same as your traditional shoe size. The more snug the boot, the more efficient the energy transfer. How snug will depend on one's personal preference. The size chart aims toward a snug and responsive fit. Should you be seeking more comfort or have a wide foot, IW recommends ordering up to the next 1/2 size.

Roller Derby Adjustable Inline Skates Girls

Roller Derby kids adjustable skate sizing follows standard US Metric shoe sizing and you will want to order based on standard shoe size. Fit preference will also factor into which skate size you may need. Skaters preferring a tighter performance fit would size down a half to one size for that snug fit. Some skaters prefer a comfort fit which generally results in matching their current shoe size.

Cardiff Adjustable Kids Skates

  • The Cardiff Cruiser provides a more affordable price than the S1 or S2. Great for adults or kids fitting the below size ranges, that have yet gained the confidence to go to inline skates, but want to get outdoors and skate. Adjustable to work with your favorite shoes and are simple to get in and out of.

  • The Cardiff Cruiser in Pink is an adjustable kids skate that works with your shoes of choice and is easy to to get on and off. Comes with Speed Control Discsthat are designed to slow down the roll of the wheels and provide a more comfortable skating experience for beginners.

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