Choosing inline skates for kids may seem like a daunting task, but is not. Adjustable kids skates grow as your child does. Shopping for kids rollerblades couldn't be simpler. As you look through the different price points, the main differences are wheel size and closure systems. Sizing is based on junior shoe sizes. Meaning the below models are suitable for both boys and girls as long as the color combo is to their liking.
Traditional Tapered Contoured Traditional Tapered Contoured

K2 Adjustable Inline Skates Girls

K2 Inline Skates for Kids adjust to grow as your kids do. The main differences are the wheel size and the lacing mechansim used. The Marlee model has standard lacing, the Pro has speed lacing, and the Boa models feature the turn dial Boa Closure System.
    • Wheels: 72mm
    • Type: Adjustable Recreational
    • Minimum Skill Level: Child / Junior


    This is a Limited Edition junior adjustable skate targeted toward girls with its floral design on the frames and pink accents. Features speed lacing, cuff buckle and velcro power strap to secure easy and snug for comfort and confidence. Similar in features to the Marlee Pro, it uses 72mm wheels (max wheel of 76mm) and is adjustable to 5 sizes with the ease of a push-button! 

  • The K2 Marlee Adjustable Inline Skates for Girls. A top seller as they combine a great price, quality and softboot comfort that K2 has become known for. A great choice for kids just getting into rollerblading and parents that love value. The K2 Marlee Skates adust up to 5 full sizes each.  So it's easy to order and you can have confidence they'll last for years of fun. Standard lacing used. 

  • The K2 Marlee Pro Adjustable Inline Skates for Girls have slightly larger wheels with Speed Lacing closure for an even better fit over the standard Marlee model. This a little easier on parents as it easier to lace up on their own. Adjusts to cover five full sizes to provide years of fun. The Marlee Pro features a composite frame that is interlocked to help provide balance and reduce vibrations.

  • The K2 Charm X Pro Adjustable Inline Skates for girls are equipped with Speed Lacing like the other Pro models from K2, but they have slightly larger wheels in a HiLo setup with 76mm wheels in the back two positions and 72mm in the front. It doesn't make them any harder to skate or even feel as if two different wheel sizes are used. The larger back wheels allow for more speed and ease to get over cracks and bumps, with the smaller front wheels assisting with control and maneuverability. Adjustable to 5 different sizes.

  • The K2 Charm X Boa Adjustable Inline Skates for girls are the same as the X Pro model, other than their use of the Boa Closure System. This simple turn dial lacing system allows toddlers to easily get going on their own without assistance. The HiLo wheel setup uses 76mm wheels in the back to positions for better speeds and ease to get over cracks and bumps. 72mm in the front allow for control in maneuverability.  Adjusts to five sizes for years of fun.

Rollerblades Adjustable Inline Skates Girls

Rollerblade Kids Adjustable Skates for Girls are designed with convenience in mind and help parents save money when buying skates for their kids. These skates are adjustable up to 4 sizes, allowing children to enjoy each skate longer.
  • The Rollerblade Spitfire XT Adjustable Inline Skates for girls are a great value for parents since each size can adjust up to 4 sizes with the ease of pushing a button. The Spitfire XT makes sure their first skate is not the worst skate, exposing them to a lifelong appreciation for inline skating and fun!

  • The Rollerblade Spitfire LX Adjustable Kid's Inline Skates incorporate a skate design most similar to that of adult skates. Still having easy push-button adjustablity to 4 sizes, the LX now uses aluminum frames and slightly larger wheels for increased performance. A seamless boot design enhances flexibility without limiting support.

Bladerunner Adjustable Inline Skates Girls

Bladerunner is backed by industry leader Rollerblade. Bladerunner was created to ensure that those looking at bargain value rollerblades have a good experience. That way they grow up to buy big Rollerblades! Reliable, affordable, comfortable and stable.
  • The Bladerunner Phoenix Adjustable Kids Skates for Boys offers good performance at a budget price. Powered by the Rollerblade brand, you are assured of quality components while still benefiting from the easy push button adjustment that will allow years of fun for your kid(s). 


Luigino Adjustable Skates for Kids

Although adjustable, speed skates are not for everyone and intended for experience inline skaters only. Be sure to reference the Luigino specific sizing chart for measurement instruction as skate size will likely not be the same as traditional shoe size. The more snug the boot, the more efficient the energy transfer. How snug will depend on personal preference.

Seba Adjustable Kid's Inline Skates

Roller Derby Adjustable Inline Skates Girls

Roller Derby adjustable inline skates are generallly true to size and can be ordered based off shoe size. Being a Drop-Ship Item, this model ships direct from manufacturer. Expected arrival time is 5-7 business days from day of order.
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