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The Vaughn Velocity V5 7260 Goalie Blocker offers intermediate hockey goalies solid stick hand protection and performance. The Velocity 7260 blocker is lightweight and the reduced size allows younger goalies to have fast reflexes that help make the save.

Synthetic leather and nylon are used on the Vaughn 7260 goalie blocker offering good durability and protection. V5 Velocity graphics are stitched on giving this piece of goalie equipment an authentic look and feel. The palm is constructed with reinforced leather offering added durability and shock vibration dampening. Additional airflow comes from the knitted mesh material used on the sides of the fingers and hand.

The Velocity 7260 blocker offers advanced level protection for goalies playing roller hockey and intermediate level protection for ice hockey goalies. Taking most of the shot impact is the thick blocker board that has a curved design that helps deflect the puck away from the goal. The bottom of the blocker board has been tapered improving paddle down position and helps goalkeepers pick up the goalie stick. A large high density foam guard protects the side of the had and provides a significant blocking surface for making unconventional saves. Articulating finger protection and large side index finger protector gives the hockey goalie improved stick grip and protection. 

Vaughn goalies benefit from years of proven technology packed into all of Vaughn's goalie equipment. The Vaughn Velocity 7260 is no exception, and intermediate goaltenders will benefit from the various innovative features.

  • Model Number: B7260
  • Heritage: Vaughn Velocity V4 7250
  • Level of Play: (Intermediate)
    • Roller: Up to Advanced
    • Ice: Up to Intermediate
  • Sizing Guidelines:
    • Intermediate: 6 1/4" - 7"
    • Measured from heel of palm to tip of middle finger
  • Hand Selection:
    • Regular = Blocker used on the right hand
    • Full Right = Blocker used on the left hand
  • Exterior:
    • Synthetic leather
    • Lightweight construction
    • Stitched on Velocity V5 graphics
  • Interior:
    • Flared cuff
      • Enhances mobility and puck deflection
      • Allows arm protection to overlap providing full coverage
    • Backhand pad
      • Soft density foam dampens shot impact
      • Helps keep blocker from twisting upon impact
  • Finger Guards:
    • Split finger flap protection with wrap around fingertip protection
      • HD foams
    • Large side hand shield
      • Added net coverage and protection
    • Molded poly and foam reinforced thumb
  • Blocker Board:
    • Angled board for increased wrist mobility
    • Tapered at the bottom
      • Allow blocker to lay flush on the rink in the paddle down position
      • Easier goalie stick pick-up
  • Palm:
    • Reinforced leather palm and thumb
    • Knitted air mesh material on the sides of the fingers
      • Allows additional airflow
  • Weight:
    • 1.34lbs
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